If you are wondering which is the best Samsung smartwatch for men? You stopped here on the right webpage. Smartwatches are in trend, no matter whether it is Samsung, Apple, or other brands. But the question here is, what’s unique or new in Samsung smartwatches? Well, the answer is pretty simple. The best Samsung smartwatch works as a proxy for your smartphone. So here, in this guide, we will introduce the best Samsung smartwatch for men.

Samsung launched its first smartwatch in the year 2009. The S9110 was the first basic watch by Samsung with limited but good features. Every year, Samsung releases new wearable devices with improved technology and features.

Many users are fans of Samsung smartwatches because it suits their lifestyle and budget. Samsung smartwatch is the men’s biggest priority because of the watch’s durability, colour, and style.

Samsung smartwatches are everywhere; many models come with a super AMOLED display for intuitive interaction. At the same time, some models work as a fitness tracker that monitors your exercise routine, heart rate, sleep, and other things. Few Samsung smartwatch models come with connected or onboard GPS and many extra features, apps, and designs.

The best thing about the Samsung watches is that they are not only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy smartphones, but these watches are compatible with all Android and iPhones.

No matter which Samsung watch you want to buy, the best Samsung smartwatch on the list helps you in choosing the best watch for your husband or boyfriend. So, without further ado, let’s quickly jump on the list of the best Samsung smartwatch for men in the sections below.

Best Samsung Smart Watches For Men

Check out a few of the best smartwatches for men from the list below.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (45mm)

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Smartwatch For Men (45mm)

If you want to surprise your man with a stylish and durable watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Smartwatch is a great option for you. This smartwatch is the perfect combination of style, looks, and technology.

The watch comes with premium technology and a customizable design so you can manage day-to-day wear and tear from your wrist. You can easily ingress your favourite apps and content directly from your wrist via Bluetooth.

Also, keep an eye on overall health with the unique fitness tracker. The watch is water-resistant, which means it is suitable for those who love water activities like swimming, diving, etc. Galaxy Watch 3 allows you to call, text, stream music and get notifications via Bluetooth connectivity.

Keep monitoring your heart rate, steps, and other activities for overall health development. Thanks to its long-lasting battery that lasts up to 1 day on a single charge.

Moreover, you can also get a quick recharge from the Galaxy phone with a wireless power share feature. Thanks to the automatic sleep tracker that keeps track of your sleep patterns and advises you on getting a better night’s sleep. The Bixby voice functionality is excellent and allows you to do various tasks hands-free via voice.


  • Universal compatibility
  • Multi-Layered defence-grade security
  • Monitors sleep and stress level
  • Waterproof


  • Activity tracking is tough
  • Readings are not constant


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Samsung Galaxy (46mm)

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch For Men (46mm)

Stay smart and connected with the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch For Men. The built-in health tracking monitor balances your mind and body well. The sleep cycle tracking feature keeps track of your sleep pattern and improves the quality of your rest.

Also, the calorie tracking feature tracks how many calories you burn and consume in a day. If you are under stress, reset the watch with guided meditation and breathing exercises.

It keeps you calm and focused. Access your favourite apps, stream music, and perform other activities directly on your wrist. Thanks to its long-lasting battery life that runs up to 5 days on a single charge. Also, set appointments and reminders and stay organized with the daily hassle of life.

Furthermore, the best feature is that you can make and take calls, reply to messages, and access scores, headlines, and playlists even if your phone is far away from you.

You can also make the payment with the watch via Samsung Pay NFC compatibility. You can also control the connected home devices on your wrist even if you are not home. All in all, this extraordinary tool is the best on-the-go accessory.


  • Five days battery life
  • Wide compatibility
  • Samsung Pay NFC compatibility
  • Long-lasting


  • Bad voice assistance
  • A bit difficult to use


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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active (40mm)

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Smartwatch For Men (40mm)

Stay fit and connected with this Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Smartwatch For Men. This smartwatch has wide compatibility and is compatible with both Android mobile phones and iPhones. The advanced workout tracking feature optimizes the workouts and monitors your daily activities by tracking up to 40 exercises.

The watch also monitors your heart rate, and sleep pattern and sends real-time alerts in case of irregular workouts. Connect the watch to your phone and start using what you want. You can access your favorite apps, and content, stream music, and other activities directly from your wrist. You can also get notification alerts, messages, missed calls, and more right on your wrist.

Thanks to its Samsung Pay NFC compatibility it allows payments from your wrist with just a click of a button. This water-resistant watch is best for swimmers and offers 100% protection from drops and falls.

The protective gorilla glass coating protects your device screen from scratches and bumps. The long-lasting battery lasts up to several days on a single charge. Above all, it’s an excellent Samsung smartwatch for men to buy.


  • Durable design
  • Wireless connectivity
  • 20mm fluoroelastomer band
  • Samsung pay compatibility


  • Poor quality band
  • Battery lasts for one day only


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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Smartwatch For men

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Smartwatch is specially designed to get more out of it. It records your overall health activities, from running to your sleep pattern; you can keep track of your health via this watch. The watch also monitors your heart health and helps you to reach your goals faster.

You also receive notifications, message alerts, and missed call alerts directly on your watch, even if your phone is not around. You can also start using your favourite content and apps anytime, anywhere.

This Galaxy Watch is water-resistant means you can wear this watch in the pool, gym, or your bed so you can achieve more. Thanks to its built-in advanced sensors that help you in reaching your goals fast. This watch is light and compact; you can wear it anywhere comfortably. The stylish looks and stainless steel faces give an attractive look to your wrist.

The best part is that your watch sends you an alert at high or low heart rates. It also has a built-in sleep tracker that tracks your sleep pattern and advises you on how to get a better night’s sleep.

It also monitors irregular activities and stress levels and helps you regain weight with the integrated calm app. The long-lasting battery of the watch lasts up to more than one day on a single charge. Overall, it’s a quite great Samsung smartwatch for men.


  • Slim and sleek design
  • Reach your fitness goals
  • Track sleep pattern
    Perfect for men’s


  • Poor battery life
  • Not accurate

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Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

If you want a stylish smartwatch, Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch For Men is the best option for you. This timeless grey smartwatch is the perfect combination of style and digital technology. The always-on display watch face looks attractive on the user’s wrist.

1.3 super AMOLED full-colour display works best in both day and dim light conditions. The watch offers wide compatibility and is compatible with both Android and iPhone.

Thanks to its distinctive steel bezels that allow full access to apps and notifications. You can also check the text, call, and other notifications on the watch even if you are away from your phone.

You can quickly access the apps that you use daily directly on your S3 smartwatch. You can also check scores, stream music, and use other features directly via the watch. With the built-in S Health app, you can quickly monitor your heart rate, steps, sleep pattern, and more. Overall, it’s an excellent Samsung smartwatch for men.


  • Stylish
  • Easy to use
  • Track your steps and calories
  • Durable


  • Poor battery life
  • Dead pixels


Samsung Gear S

If you want to gift an amazing piece of wearable to your friends and family, the Samsung Gear S Smartwatch For Men is an excellent option. Now you can make and take calls with this fantastic watch even if your phone is far away from you.

You can also receive notifications, texts, emails, and stream music right from your wrist. The two-inch super AMOLED display looks attractive on your wrist.

On the large display, you can quickly see all your rich notifications and information. You can also access your favourite apps and content directly from your wrist. Track your run, and steps, monitor your heart rate, calories burned, and other activities on your watch.

Moreover, this watch not only pushes notifications but also allows you to scroll through the likes, check updates, and get real-time alerts from your smartphone. Also, enjoy the handful of preloaded music apps and download your favourite apps anytime, anywhere. On this watch, you can also set routes view maps, and receive directions on GPS.

Above all, it’s a great Samsung smartwatch for men to give on birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions.


  • Versatile compatibility
  • 2-inch Super AMOLED display
  • GPS support
  • Payment support


  • Not water-resistance
  • Poor battery life


Want to check out the review of this smartwatch? Check the video below.

Samsung Gear S Review: More Smartphone than Smartwatch | Pocketnow

Frequently Asked Questions

What features do Samsung smartwatches offer?

Samsung smartwatches provide a range of features like phone notifications, fitness and health tracking, GPS, contactless payments, music storage, smartphone app integration, and more. High-end models have advanced capabilities like ECG monitoring, fall detection and blood oxygen tracking.

Which Samsung smartwatch has the best fitness tracking?

For comprehensive fitness tracking, the Samsung Galaxy Watch series offers robust workout monitoring, built-in GPS, heart rate tracking, and activity monitoring. The Galaxy Watch5 Pro is the newest high-end option with advanced metric tracking.

What is the best Samsung smartwatch for Android?

Samsung smartwatches integrate seamlessly with Android phones, making models like the Galaxy Watch5, Galaxy Watch Active2, and Galaxy Watch3 excellent choices for Android users. They connect via Bluetooth to access notifications and sync information.

How long does the battery last on Samsung smartwatches?

Battery life ranges from 1-2 days on models like the Galaxy Watch5, up to 5+ days on the Galaxy Watch5 Pro. Battery-saving modes can further extend runtime. Charging times are generally 1-2 hours.

Do Samsung smartwatches have LTE connectivity?

Select models like the Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic have LTE versions available for untethered connectivity. This allows using smartwatch functions without having your paired smartphone nearby.

Are Samsung smartwatches waterproof?

Most Samsung smartwatches have 5ATM or IP68 water resistance ratings, making them waterproof in up to 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes. This allows swimming, showering and water activity use.

Final Words

Here the list ends for the best Samsung smartwatch for men. We hope you can choose the right smartwatch for men now. Latest Smartwatches are everywhere, and the Samsung smartwatch is the best watch in the world that works as both a fitness tracker and a watch.
That’s all for now, and thanks for reading this post on The Android Portal.

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SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 6 40mm Bluetooth Smartwatch w/ Fitness Tracker, Personalized HR Zones, Advanced Sleep Coaching, Heart Monitor, BIA Sensor, US Version, Graphite

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