Just bought a new Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus? Congratulations! Want to protect the back glass of the phone from drops and scratches with the best Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus cases? If yes, then you landed here on the right page.

Today in our article, we will discuss the best cases for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. Our team searched and hunted for the latest and best cases for your device so that you get the best protection for your device in all harsh conditions.

The new Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is one of the most demanding phones Samsung has ever released. Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus comes with a massive 6.7-inch screen and is the first-ever phone that adds 5G support.

The phone also offers quad-camera features on the back, augmented reality support, and many other features that make this phone impressive for all customers.

But the question is, why do we need a case?

Well, we need a case to protect our device from drops and damage. Cases are good because smartphones are expensive. One slip and you end up forking over 100$ to repair it. So, why do we take the risk?

If we spend a lot more on the phone, can’t we spend little on its protection rather than its repair? Of course, yes, everyone can.

So, we recommended the list of best Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus cases for you. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the lists below:

Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Cases

Check out a few of our recommended Galaxy S20+ phone cases that you can buy at the most affordable rate.

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OTBBA S20+ Case

The OTBBA Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus case is one of the best cases on our list. The case is specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy S20+ only and not for other devices. The case is transparent, which enhances the original look of your Samsung Galaxy S20+.

It is best in quality and durability and provides maximum protection to your device from scratches and drops.

OTBBA Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Case

This clear case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus also comes with anti-yellowing technology means no worry about oil or dust stains. Its precise cutouts offer a fantastic experience for all responsive buttons and holes.

Due to its slim and unique design, it is effortless to take your phone out and in from and into the pocket. The case is bulk-free means you will not feel any burden after installing this case. Its small raised edges at the corners protect your expensive smartphone from scratches and drops.

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ESR Metal Kickstand Cases

Another top-rated case in our list is the ESR metal kickstand case specially designed for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus and is the most famous case among users.

It is one of the flexible cases which provide better protection against bumps and scratches. The case is unique because it comes with a metal kickstand that is perfect for both vertical and horizontal viewing.

ESR Metal Kickstand Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Cases

Moreover, its vertical kickstand is used for hands-free calling, and you can adjust its horizontal kickstand according to your viewing angle.

Its raised lip offers extra protection to your device screen and camera edges against scratches and drops. The case is very light and sturdy, which does not add any bulk to your hands.

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TORRAS Shockproof Cases

The TORRAS case is the most loveable case among the users because of its quality. Its tough PC matte back protects your device from accidental falling and all face-up and face-down injuries. This means that with a TORRAS case, you can take your phone anywhere without worrying about its protection.

TORRAS Shockproof Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Cases

The case offers full protection to your device means you have nothing to worry about, be it drops or falls. Above all, the new Nano Oleophobic coating provides you with an excellent and smooth touching experience.

Moreover, its unique and ergonomic design allows easy access to all its ports and buttons. The case comes in a solid black color which adds extra beauty to your Samsung Galaxy S20+. All the cutouts are perfectly designed so that they can stop dust and other particles from entering your device and fit perfectly all around your phone.

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Spigen Neo Hybrid Designed Case

The Spigen Neo Hybrid design case is the most popular and one of the slim cases for your Samsung Galaxy S20+ in our list. The case is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy S20+ and not with the other models. Its dual-layer design offers maximum protection from shocks and scratches.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Designed Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

The case is a combination of TPU and Polycarbonate, which offers dual protection against drops and scratches. The unique design and tactile buttons provide a smooth experience that can easily take screenshots and pictures without feeling any bulk.

The case also supports wireless charging means there is no worry about taking off the case while charging.

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Red Pepper Cases

The Red Pepper Case is another popular case among users and is perfectly compatible with Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. The company attracts its customers with its cool design and better quality.

The case perfectly fits all around your phone and allows easy access to all its ports and buttons. With its easy-to-grip and ergonomic design, you won’t have anything to worry about, be it scratches and drops as it is comfortable to hold.

Red Pepper Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Cases

The case also supports wireless charging means there is no need to take off the case when charging. Thanks to its air cushion technology all around the corners that offers maximum protection to your Samsung Galaxy S20+ from accidental falls and damage.

The Extra raised lip at the edges provides maximum protection to both the screen and camera of your device. Overall, it is an excellent case with all the features packed into it.

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Another demanded case in our list is SPIDER CASE. The case is ideal for Samsung Galaxy S20+ and not with other models. The case comes in three solid colours that enhance the beauty of your Samsung Galaxy S20+.

The case is popular because it passed the tests in all harsh conditions. If you are fond of adventures, then buy this case as it protects your device from all bumps and falls.

SPIDERCASE for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

Moreover, the installation and uninstallation process is very easy; it just takes 15 seconds to complete. And it doesn’t add any weight to your device. The raised bezels at the corners add extra protection to the screen and camera of your phone.

It also allows easy access to phone buttons and ports and offers an amazing touch experience. Overall, it’s a great case that provides 100% protection to your device.

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So, that’s all with the reviews of the best Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus cases. You can buy any of the cases according to your taste and preference.

Thanks for reading our post on our blog. We hope you enjoy the article while reading. Don’t forget to share it with your friends. For more new updates do follow us and stay tuned with us on The Android Portal.

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