Nowadays, Privacy is everything in every aspect. If you do not maintain privacy, then it is effortless to be exposed to anything. Once it comes into the market, then it’s tough to take it back. For the same, the privacy of your electronic devices is also a must, especially for a smartphone.

If you do not take it seriously, everyone comes to know what you have inside the device.
So, to enhance the privacy of your mobile, we will take care of it. But, for that, you have to visit this guide Best Privacy Apps for Android.

Best Privacy Apps for Android

This discussion will let you know the Best Privacy Apps for Android. The list contains 5 best apps. All these apps are readily available at the Google Play Store. You can freely download all these apps for use. These apps are highly compatible with Android-powered smartphones.

Best Privacy Apps for Android

So, let us go through the entire discussion and keep enhancing the privacy of the mobile.

Norton App Lock

Make your smartphone more protective with the Norton App Lock. This app will let you lock every app that you have stored on the device whether it is pre-installed or downloaded. To keep it secret from others, you can set a lock using a pattern or password. As the app opens, you have to agree to all the T&Cs for going ahead.

Then, it says to set a pattern lock to have access. But, what if you forget the pattern mistakenly? At that critical time, to reset the lock, your Google Account will help you. For that, you have to select the appropriate account.

Norton App Lock

Now, to hide the apps, just tap on the lock sign in front of the app name. This app offers two types of locks, Pattern, and Passcode. You can also switch to each other by going into the app settings. Regarding pattern lock, the invisible pattern also helps you.

If the finger sensor is compatible with your mobile, then you can also use it to open it. You can also change the recovery account. To enhance the privacy of your friends and family members, you can also share it using the share option.

Features of Norton App Lock

  • Make your device more Protective
  • Lock all the apps whether it is a pre-installed or downloaded app
  • Set a lock using a Pattern or Password
  • Choose the Google Account to reset the lock in case you forget the lock
  • One tap away to lock the app
  • Easy switching between locks
  • Invisible pattern to keep it secret
  • Compatible with the Fingerprint Sensor
  • Easy sharing option to share with other users
Norton App Lock
Norton App Lock
Developer: Norton Labs
Price: Free

AppLock by SpSoft

If you want to have more security alongside app lock, then this AppLock is preferable for you. Similar to all other lock apps, this app also provides three options to protect the hidden data.

You can either use the PIN, Passcode, or Fingerprint lock to set a lock. To add the app to lock, just open the app, go to the App lock, and tap on the + sign. It shows you all the apps that you have on the device at the time. Now, just swipe the slider to choose the app.

AppLock by SpSoft

Along with it, it introduces Screen and Rotation options. If you add the apps in the screen section, that means whenever you are using those apps; the display will never turn off.

Also, the Rotation section offers the same thing related to the rotation. This app also catches the invaders who try to open the lock. For more safety, you can set a different password for each app.

Features of AppLock by SpSoft

  • Preferable App to use
  • Use the PIN, Passcode, or Fingerprint to set a lock
  • Easy process to set the lock for the apps
  • Catches out the invaders who try to open the lock
  • Set a different password for each app
AppLock - Fingerprint
AppLock - Fingerprint
Developer: SpSoft
Price: Free

So, what about your smartphone’s privacy? Well, we hope that you will get enough here for the privacy.

Do let us know your views on the Best Privacy Apps for Android guide. Also, let us know whether this guide is helpful or not.

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