For any kind of smart device, charging is one of the most important things. Most users of smart devices are mostly worried about charging. As we all know, charging is used to power up the device’s battery again. Nowadays, so many devices are available that require charging, like smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth accessories, external batteries, etc. In traveling, to charge up the devices, the USB power bank is also available. With increased technology, Portable USB power strips are now available.

The portable USB power strip device allows you to charge up more than one device at a time. Some of them also allow you to plug up more than one plug at a time. The Power strips are also useful at home and whenever you travel. So here, we are discussing some of the best portable USB power strips. So, now take a look at the USB power strips and choose the best to use.

Portable USB Power Strips

Check out the list below of the best portable power strips you can use.

Belkin Pivot Plug Surge Protector with Cord

The Belkin Pivot plug device is full of surge protection. This Belkin device comes with 12 AC outlets which are protected with surge protection. Of 12 outlets, there are 8 outlets in the rotating position.

The remaining 4 outlets come as stationary outlets. The rotating outlets will provide so much flexibility and suitability. It also has a light indicator, which shows when you are protected and when you are grounded. This light indicator lights up the green light when you are protected.

Portable USB Power Strips
Portable USB Power Strips

The Input voltage of this device is around 125V. This Belkin device’s energy rating is 4320 Joule, which is too good. It also protects your device against power fluctuation. Along with this device, there are 8 feet long cord is also attached.

This long cord provides safe and excellent AC power through a heavy-duty gauge. Belkin Lifetime Warranty backs the Belkin device.

Features of the Belkin Pivot Plug Surge Protector with Cord:

  • The high amount of surge protection
  • Total 12 AC outlets along with surge protection
  • 8 outlets are rotating while the remaining 4 outlets are stationary
  • The input voltage of 125V
  • This device’s energy rating is 4320 Joule
  • 8 Feet long cord provides safe and excellent AC power through a heavy-duty gauge
  • Belkin Lifetime Warranty backs it

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BESTEK Mount Surge Protector Power Strip

The BESTEK creates the BESTEK Mount Surge Protector. This device comes with 6 AC outlets along with a wall mount surge protector. It will provide surge protection for your computers, home appliances, and much more. All these 6 AC outlets are located at the sides of that device for an easy fit. A maximum AC draw is around 1875 watts. It also has a light indicator.

The BESTEK device also has 4 powered USB ports along with 5.2A of peak current. In which two parts have 2.1A power, while two ports have 1A power. These USB-powered ports are located at the top of the device.

The USB ports are provided to charge up the smartphone as well as tablet devices. You can also charge up the devices that different companies manufacture.

BESTEK Mount Surge Protector Power Strips

The Wall mount design of this BESTEK is one of the space-saving devices. This device will save space on the floor area whenever you are charging your device by using this power strip; always remove the external cases or covers for proper fitting. It is backed by a lifetime warranty which BESTEK provides.

Features of the BESTEK Mount Surge Protector Power Strip:

  • 6 AC outlets with wall mount surge protector
  • Provide surge protection for all the appliances
  • A maximum AC draw is around 1875 watts
  • 4 powered USB ports with 5.2A of peak current to charge up the smart devices
  • Two parts have 2.1A Power and Two ports have 1A Power
  • Space-saving device
  • Backed by BESTEK lifetime warranty

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Here, we have listed two Portable USB Power Strips that are useful as a multi-tasking device at home.

So, choose any of them and use them for your particular purpose.

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