Looking for some best-paid apps for your Android phone? Here you have arrived on the right webpage.

Android app market, both the Google App Store and other third-party app stores, is flooded with a lot of free Android apps for every purpose. However, free Android apps mostly come with certain user limitations and security risks, and most times, are loaded with annoying apps. So, if you want to get premium experiences with the apps of your purposes, paid apps are the option to go with. 

Well, we are not saying that free apps are garbage or that all free Android apps come with security risks and user limitations. It is just that the list of good, beneficial, and useful apps is minimal in today’s world. So, if you are the type of Android user who is dependent on his or her smartphone for all the tasks, the below best premium apps deserve your investment for what premium feel, experience, and features they offer. 

So, without doing any more jargon, let’s just start exploring the top best-paid Android apps to go in 2019 and 2020.

Best Paid Apps for Android

Below is the list of the paid apps we are going to discuss here. As we have discussed earlier, the free version of all these apps is readily available in the Store. Many Android users are currently using the free version of it. Now, to have access to more features of it, these are the pro version.

Easy Voice Recorder Pro

With a new smartphone, we all get a Voice Recorder as a pre-installed feature. But, all those recorders may have some limited features. So, to explore your need for recording here is the Easy Voice Recorder Pro app.

This app can be useful to everyone whether you are a student, business person, teacher, manager, or else. The students can easily record all the lectures without worrying about the duration. The quality of the recording will also be high. If you want to share it with your friends, then it lets you compress the size of it.

Easy Voice Recorder Pro

If you are a business-oriented person, then it lets you record the many interviews with high-quality sound. You can also share it with Authority via sharing options.

Also of that, it will help you a lot if you are a music lover. With the help of this app, you can easily accomplish your rehearsals. This pro app will automatically upload the recordings to the cloud storage. As the recordings are auto-save, you can comfortably manage the files with folders. This app is also compatible with the Bluetooth Microphone. You can also have many features with it.

Features of Easy Voice Recorder Pro

  • Useful to Students, Business People, Teachers, Managers, and else
  • Easily Record everything with high-quality sound
  • Share the recordings with compressed size
  • Automatically upload the recordings to the Cloud Storage
  • Easily manage the files
  • Compatible with the Bluetooth Microphone
Easy Voice Recorder Pro
Easy Voice Recorder Pro
Developer: Digipom
Price: $4.99

Photo Director

Phone camera depends on the range and model of the phone. If you have any latest smartphones launched in the past two years, then the camera of the phone should offer good-quality shots. However, if you are using any older than that period phone, probably the camera will lack quality. So, to remove this gap, the Photo Director app came into the picture as the best-paid camera app for Android. 

Photo Director Android App

Furthermore, Your phone may have a powerful camera, but I bet it doesn’t have all the features that the Photo Director app provides. This app helps you in adjusting the tone, saturation, white balance, and colors of your images. 

Also, you can try their filters and effects which give a great look to your pictures. You can also add frames, stickers, and text AND apply a mirror image effect to your images. Plus, you can easily undo your changes, which means you are free to do experiments with your pictures. All in all, it’s another app among the best Android paid apps in the list that you can’t go wrong with.

PhotoDirector: AI Photo Editor
PhotoDirector: AI Photo Editor


Fleksy is the free version Android keyboard app with some paid features. If you are bored or annoyed with your regular Android keyboard, then Fleksy is a good option for you. You should give a try to this a stylish keyboard which comes with a dozen amazing features and grand themes. 

Fleksy_ Fast Keyboard + Stickers, GIFs & Emojis Android App

Also, It has extra features like GIFs, handwriting support, gesture controls, etc. Furthermore, it works very quietly and fast as compared to regular keyboards and the autocorrect feature is impressive too! 

What’s more? The app has a search tool to make your life more comfortable with the smartphone when chatting or typing. For example: Consider the scenario when you plan to go on a trip with a friend and try to decide which place is best. Most times, you have to search the places in other apps, and that interrupts your recent conversation. However, with folksy, you can access your search on the keyboard and keep on typing. 

Fleksy fast emoji keyboard app
Fleksy fast emoji keyboard app


In today’s world, everyone is fond of editing their images or looking good in photographs. If you are also interested in that, the Scribble app is made for you. It is one of the best photo editor apps which adds animations to your images. 

Scribble Android App

However, by animations, we don’t mean only light and dark trails but a lot more than this. There are various ways this app can animate your image. For instance, you can choose from numerous colors, you can adjust the size of your image, or you can pick where they appear on images.

Furthermore, once you have done your editing, you can see your image in your photo gallery. Also, you can easily share this image with your friends and family. Moreover, please note that the basic app is free, but if you want more features or want to remove the scribble watermark from your image, then you have to pay a subscription fee. However, rest assured that the app is worth paying and you will enjoy all of its features.

Scribbl - Photo & Video Effect
Scribbl - Photo & Video Effect
Developer: ZipoApps
Price: Free


As the camera is the essential feature of your phone, so pixie is one of the best camera apps to replace your phone’s default camera. Please note that the Camera app depends on your phone’s make and model. However, Pixcita is one of the great options for all phone models that help Android users in achieving decent shots even in low-end camera phones. 

Pixtica Android App

Furthermore, It comes loaded with a lot of amazing features like live photos, GIF recorder, panorama, hyper-lapse, etc. Also, there is a best planet mode option which wraps your images into a sphere-like shape.

There are other modes too, which work well, and the themes of Pixcita are also among its of best features. Plus, many of the features are free of cost in this app. However, you have to pay for higher resolution or remove watermarks when using filters. There is a one-time subscription fee which helps to unlock many other options. The subscription fee would be ($1.25 for one month) with discounts on extended packages like yearly or quarterly. Overall, it’s one of the best Android paid apps for camera lovers.

Pixtica: Camera and Editor
Pixtica: Camera and Editor
Developer: Perraco Labs
Price: Free

Light X Photo Editor

Light X photo editor is an all-in-one photo editor for Android and is the right choice for all those who love clicking selfies and photos. Light X photo editor helps you merge pictures, add effects and filters, select colors of your own choice, add saturation, adjust light and dark trails, etc. 

Download Light X Photo Editor App

Also, you can crop, rotate, and mirror your images, apply frames, add texts create collages, and a lot more at just free of cost because most of the features of this app are free. However, if you want to unlock higher resolutions or more stickers and frames, then a monthly subscription is the only option for you.

Photo Watermarks

Photo watermark apps are in trend these days, and their primary purpose is to add watermarks while uploading an image. So, photo watermarks add different types of photo marks to your pictures, which are quite varied. Also, It not only adds simple or custom texts to your images (including changing the font, size, and color) but it adds the signature of your handwriting or any other handwriting text as a watermark which makes your image more attractive. 

Photo Watermarks Android App

Furthermore, the Photo watermark contains features like stickers, timestamps, etc. You can apply stickers, timestamps, locations, graffiti, and a mosaic effect to your image. Also, the app has a tool that protects your photo or helps you to remember when and where this photo was taken. It is one of the best features of this app that you will surely love. 

Moreover, the Photo watermark is free, but it shows lots of annoying advertisements during its use. So, to remove advertisements, you can get a subscription plan. However, I would suggest baring the annoying ads as free is worth than subscription.

Photo Watermark
Photo Watermark
Developer: MVTrail Tech
Price: Free

Kine Master

Video making is an excellent option to make someone feel surprised, awesome, and loved on their birthday anniversary, or any other occasion. So, the Kine Master comes into the picture to help you and your creative efforts to the next level. 

Kine Master android app

Furthermore, Kine Master is a video editor app with lots of new and amazing features. You can easily add text and stickers to your video. Also, if you want to trim some parts of the video, you can easily do that with the help of kine master. You can also add audio and visual filters to your videos, which makes your videos better. Moreover, one of the best features of this app is multi-music, which means you can add two to three music at the same time. 

Kine Master also helps you increase the duration of the video or increase the length of a single image. Both of these features work well. You can easily adjust the speed, and transition effects or you can merge two videos.

Moreover, Kine Master is a free-of-cost Android video editing app, but it contains a watermark at the end of all videos. So if you are okay with that, then you can enjoy this app as it is. Otherwise, you have to pay subscription charges around $3.70 per month.


Which app comes to mind when we hear the PDF File Maker App? CamScanner. If the free version of the CamScanner app offers us many features, then what about the paid version? We will get more than free. This CamScanner lets you scan any document and later you can turn it into PDF or JPEG format.

With the camera of your mobile, you can scan any of the paper, notes, and more. After scanning, it uses a smart cropping feature to set that document in the right manner. Even after scanning and cropping, it maintains the quality of the image.


You can also use various effects from Auto, Original, Lighten, Magic color, Gray Mode, Black and White, and more. OCR feature lets you find your desired word in the image. You can also extract the text from the image. To share the contents of the app, you can have two ways, PDF, and JPEG format.

You can also print the document via this app on your closest printer. Any image or document does not contain any logo or watermark of the app. However, if you want to set your watermark, then this app lets you do that.

Features of CamScanner

  • Best PDF File Maker App having various features
  • Scan the document, paper, notes, certificates, and more
  • Convert any scanned documents in PDF or JPEG format
  • Smart Cropping features to set the document in a readable manner
  • Effects like Auto, Original, Lighten, Magic color, Gray Mode, Black and White, and more
  • OCR feature to find and extract the texts in the image
  • Many sharing options in PDF and JPEG format
  • No watermark unless you set your customized watermark

MX Player Pro

MX Player is one of the most used Video Player in the history of Android devices. The Pro version of MX Player will not contain ads. It also supports videos with various subtitle formats.
It also offers such features with only small activities of fingers. To set the brightness, just rub the finger down on the left side of the videos. And, the same thing on the right side will let you set the volume.
MX Player Pro
You can also zoom in and zoom out the videos by pinching the fingers. The kids lock feature does not let the kids use other apps or games while the video is playing. It also supports multi-core decoding. The HW+ decoder will allow you to apply the hardware acceleration.

Features of MX Player Pro

  • The best Android Video Player
  • Ad-free version
  • Supports various subtitle formats such as MicroDVD(.sub), VobSub(.sub/.idx), SubViewer2.0(.sub) and more
  • Rubbing of finger down on the left side lets you set the brightness
  • Rubbing of finger down on the right side lets you set the volume
  • Zoom in and out by pinching the fingers on the ongoing video
  • Kids lock feature to not let the kids use other apps
  • Supports multi-core decoding and HW+ decoder
MX Player Pro
MX Player Pro

Note: TheAndroidPortal neither recommends nor suggests forcefully paying for any of the above Android apps. Paying and buying paid subscriptions is all your decision. We are here to just introduce the best-paid Android app option to you.


We hope you have enjoyed exploring this list and found some amazing apps that you’re going to use from now on. Also, do comment below and tell us which of the above apps is more exciting to you.

So, that’s all for now, and thanks for reading this post here at TheAndroidPortal. Do follow us to read more such posts and stay updated with everything about Android.

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