We all know about Cloud Storage as a smartphone user. Many of them are also using it to store their data online. In simple words, it can be termed as a storage service in which you can store data and files online. Nowadays, mostly all the cloud storage is available in the form of an app. However, the cloud storage app will not occupy much space on your device. There are many Cloud Storage apps available for Android devices. From this, here we will describe some of the Best Cloud Storage For Android.

So, to have the best cloud storage on your device, take a look at the entire guide.

Best Cloud Storage For Android

To store the data or files without actually occupying the storage on the device, Cloud Storage is the best alternative. And, that’s why you need to know about the Best Cloud Storage For Android. In this guide, we will list the best Cloud Storage Apps that will be very useful for the device you are using.Best Cloud Storage For Android - theandroidportal.com All the Cloud Storage Apps that you see below are readily available at the Google Play Store. To use it on your Android mobile, download it from there which costs you zero. It offers high compatibility with all of your smartphones running on Android OS.

Keep in mind, that to make your files secure, you need an account to have access to all your files. It enhances the security of the files.

Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best Cloud Storage for all Android Users. The title itself suggests that it was developed by Google. It lets you store the files, share the files, edit the files, and more.

Google Drive 1 - theandroidportal.com

It offers great sync across devices including mobile, tablets, PC, and more. You can also use it through the Website. All you need to do is just upload all your files on Google Drive and forget about losing the files. All your files are easily backed up from the Drive.

Google’s Cloud Storage service offers Google Office Suits within it. The Google Office Suits include services like Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. Within the Google Drive, you can view, edit, save, and share the documents.

Best Cloud Storage For Android 1

It lets you create new documents too. You can also access all the files even without being online. In terms of the storage space, you will get 15 GB of storage free. To have more storage space, there are also paid plans available up to 30 TB and more.

When you are editing any files, it automatically saves and syncs across all of your devices. So you can access your files from your smartphone device, tablet, desktop, or laptop device just with your Google account.

An offline feature of Google Drive allows you to store your files on your device and whenever you edit that it will automatically download the latest version of that file to your device.

While sharing the files, you can set an access level for who can view, who can edit, and who can comment. You can share the files and folder with numerous sharing options. It lets you scan paper documents using the device camera. Also, you can access the files of Google Photos.

In the backup option, you can see your WhatsApp backup. You can delete your WhatsApp Backup stored on your Google Drive account from there.

The backup and reset option helps you take backup of your application data, call history, contact, and device settings. You can enable or disable automatic backup of this data on your Google account.

Google Drive Features

  • Best Cloud Storage owned by Google
  • Great sync across the Devices
  • Never lose any files with the Google Drive
  • Offers Google Office Suits services like Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides
  • To create a new document, view, edit, save and share documents
  • Offline File Access
  • 15 GB of Free Storage
  • Share the files and folder using sharing options
Google Drive
Google Drive
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free




Dropbox was founded in 2007. The headquarters of Dropbox is located in the US. Dropbox is one of the leading Cloud Storage services. It lets you store all your valuable data and files in a single place. It offers sync across devices. You can upload photos, videos, documents, and more.

Dropbox 1 - theandroidportal.com

The Dropbox lets you scan the documents using the device camera. To separate the files according to the need, you can create the folders too. For each document, you can have the option to make it available even when you are offline.

It lets you share the content by creating the URL of it. Also, the Export option will offer various sharing options to share it with others. Dropbox will not provide much storage space, unlike other cloud storage but when you create a Dropbox account with them, you will get 2 GB of Free Dropbox space.

Dropbox 2 - theandroidportal.com

You can get more free space by sharing this app with others. Dropbox will give 500 MB of Space to each friend who installs the app. From the menu, you can get to know about the free space.

The camera upload feature of Dropbox helps you upload your photos directly to your Dropbox account. so whenever you take a new photo it will automatically upload to your Dropbox account. You can also set it to upload when you are connected to WiFi.

If you want to share any uploaded file with your friends, you can create a direct download link to that file and share that link with your friends instead of sending them the entire file.

The search option will let you find the files easily. You can add comments in each file. Dropbox also syncs, share, and edit the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. You can easily upload the files from the device storage.

Dropbox Features

  • Leading Cloud Storage service
  • Store your valuable data and files Online in a single place
  • Sync across the devices
  • Upload the photos, videos, documents, files and more
  • Scan the documents
  • Create Folders to manage the files easily
  • Make each file available Offline for offline access
  • Various Sharing Options
  • 2 GB of Free Space
  • Earn 500 MB of Free Space for each friend who installs the app
  • Sync, Share, and Edit the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint file
  • Upload the files from the Device Storage
Dropbox: Secure Cloud Storage
Dropbox: Secure Cloud Storage



Box again comes from one of the popular Cloud Storages. This service will let you upload documents mainly in all the formats like PDF, MS Office Files, and more. It lets you upload images, videos, and more content.

Box 1 - theandroidportal.com

You can easily access all the files from a variety of devices like smartphones, tablets, and PCs. While sharing the files, you can add the collaborator to it. You can share the link to the content via many of the sharing options. You will have 10 GB of free space to store the files.

This app mainly has four sections Recent, All Files, Offline, and Favorites. In the Recent section, you can find all the files that you have recently opened. You can also have offline access to all the files. To make the file available offline, tap on the Make Available Offline option.

Box 2 - theandroidportal.com

For easy access to the files, you can also add to the favorites. Use the search option to find out the files within the app. Also, Search options within the PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word files.

Sort categories will let you sort the files according to your requirements. There is also an option to check the active file transfer between the devices.

Box Features

  • Upload PDF, MS Office Files, images, videos, and more
  • Access from all the devices like smartphones, tablets, and PC
  • 10 GB of free space
  • Offline access to the files
  • Share files in terms of the Sharable link through many sharing options
  • Add files to the favorites for easy access
  • Search options within the PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word files.
  • Sort categories
Developer: Box
Price: Free

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is another Cloud Storage. It is a Microsoft-owned service that allows users to create, view, share, edit, and share documents. Also of that, you can upload the media files and data to the OneDrive to make it secure.

Microsoft OneDrive 1 - theandroidportal.com

You can upload the data and files from any of the devices whether it is mobile, tablet, or PC. But, make sure that the uploading must be done from the same account. It assures you of not worrying about losing the files.

To store all your important data and files in one place, it offers 5 GB of space at no cost. It allows saving of the files in Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. You can have offline access to the important files.

Microsoft OneDrive 2 - theandroidportal.com

While sharing the files from Microsoft OneDrive, you can set the access level from Can Edit and Can View. To share the files, you can have all the possible sharing options. It lets you share the link also.

The Microsoft OneDrive lets you create a new Word Document, Powerpoint Presentation, and Excel Spreadsheet within it. It allows you to scan the papers and documents with ease. You can have sort categories like A-Z, Z-A, Newest, Oldest, Largest, Smallest, and Extension. This app will automatically create albums of the pictures that you upload to it.

Microsoft OneDrive Features

  • Microsoft-owned Service
  • Lets you create, view, share, edit, and share the Microsoft documents
  • Secure the files
  • Great sync ability across the devices
  • 5 GB of space at no costs
  • Save the files in Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote
  • Offline Access to the important files
  • Set access level while sharing the files
  • Create a new Word Document, PowerPoint presentation, and Excel Spreadsheet
  • Scan the papers and documents
Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft OneDrive
Price: Free

What’s your favorite Cloud Storage for Android? Is it from the above-mentioned list or something else?

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