Mobile Cases are used to protect our mobile phones. Nexus 6p is made of aeronautical-grade anodized aluminum. Nexus 6p has no more made cases. That reason user has no more choices for nexus 6P cases in a different company.

Nexus 6p battery case - from
This phone is available in three colors. Many companies make cases for mobile. In which, here we saw some battery cases for Nexus 6P.

Best Nexus 6P Battery Cases

Unicorn Beetle Series Premium Slim Hybrid Protective Case

This case is a perfect fit for Nexus 6p. This case is very easy to install. A user can easily use this case. I think it is the best case for our phone protection. When a user installs a case on their phone, that time user can be accessible to all features with an installation.

This case comes with polyurethane (TPU) and hard polycarbonate (PC). This is made from TPU and PC which reason it is made a strong case and able to give the best protection to our phone.
Unicorn Beetle Series Premium Slim Hybrid Protective CaseThe snap and covers make for easy installation. Unicorn Beetle Series Premium Slim Hybrid Protective Case is available in multiple choices. Its price is no more costly. This is available in Black – Black, Frost – Black, and Frost – Blue. A user has more than one choice in color. That reason users buy speakers in different colors.

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ZeroLemon Google Huawei Nexus 6P 8500mah Rugged Battery Case

The ZeroLemon is the world’s highest-capacity Google Huawei Nexus 6P Battery case and is available on Amazon. It gives 8500mAh battery power. It provides up to 190% extra battery life. This Case allows for an input charging port and also provides an original charger and cable to charge both the phone and battery pack. This case is given the triple protection for our phone.

The Soft TPU case is a perfect fit with your Nexus 6P. This case is tested by drops and falls. You feel the confident with case and give truthful protection.
ZeroLemon Google Huawei Nexus 6P 8500mah Rugged Battery CaseA user can easily install and remove this case. A user can easily access all features of this case. This case also provides the best external features like a charging port, Headphone jack, or camera.

It allows for all Nexus 6P. This company provides a 180-day warranty Guarantee for this product and also Amazon provides 30 30-day Full Refund Guarantee. This case is given the longest warranty period in the market. This case is costly but provides good features for safe our phone. From our point of view, this case is the best compared to above.

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Unicorn Beetle PRO Series Full-body Rugged Hybrid Protective Cover with Screen Protector

This case is perfectly made for Google Nexus 6P and Motorola Nexus 6P. This case was released in 2015. This case protects our phone from the front and back of both sides. A user can easily install and remove this case.
Unicorn Beetle PRO Series Full-body Rugged Hybrid Protective Cover with Screen ProtectorThe Unicorn Beetle Pro series case is made of a hard polycarbonate shell and flexible TPU with drop, bump, and shock. This case is designed with two layers. This case is not more costly. The Unicorn Beetle PRO series provides the phone’s front-side protection. It means a user can protect their phone screen from scratches, etc.

When a user installs this case at that time, all features are available for users. Unicorn Beetle PRO Series protector is available in various types of colors, that reason user has many choices in buying this case.

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From our point of view, The Unicorn Beetle PRO Series gives to best features. It provides both sides of the protection of the phone. This case fully protects our Nexus 6P phone from all sides. The ZeroLemon Battery case is also the best but, it is very costly. Some people are not able to buy this case product.

That reason we choose the Unicorn Beetle PRO Series case. Now give your opinion, on which case is best to protect our phone. Suppose you have to use another company’s case and that is best then write down that case name below the box.

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