While Samsung and Huawei grab all the headlines with the Galaxy S10 and P30 Pro smartphones, the LG G8 remains one of the best flagships of 2019. It’s more affordable than Samsung’s market leader and delivers very similar specs and an all-screen design.

Like smartphones from its rivals, the LG handset is also very fragile. A single drop will likely shatter the all-glass back or dent the aluminum frame. The only way to prevent a drop from becoming a very big problem is to buy a case that adequately protects your LG G8.

Using a case will help prevent scratches and dents and will also safeguard the sensitive dual cameras on the rear of the G8. Considering the daily hazards your smartphone will face, it is not worth taking the risk. By purchasing a case, you know your LG G8 will look brand new for years to come.

Best LG G8 Cases

Our list of recommended cases offers a bit of everything. Whether you want something rugged and durable, light and clear, or something in between, we have it covered.

Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Spigen is a name that consistently turns up on lists of the best smartphone cases and with good reason. The company is among the leading case brands and its Rugged Armor is an excellent all-round choice for the LG G8.Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Thanks to its reputation for making excellent cases, you know the Spigen Rugged Armor will protect your smartphone and last for a long time. Any case named Rugged is unlikely to win style awards, but Spigen has done a good job crafting a sleek product that offers plenty of protection. The Rugged Armor Case sports an all-TPU body that provides scratch resistance and a textured anti-slip design.

Spigen has drop-tested this case to the extreme, resulting in a military-grade rating. That’s largely because of a cushioning air gap that reinforces the corners to add extra protection. Despite its tough no-nonsense capabilities, the buttons on the Rugged Armor are pleasingly tactile and useable.

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Arae PU Wallet Case

Sometimes a smartphone case can offer the best of both worlds by protecting your device and giving you space to store cards, cash, and other important items. Yes, a wallet case can help you get rid of your wallet or purse and have a single-pocket carry. The Arae PU case is one of the best wallet cases, blending quality design with affordability.Arae PU Wallet Case

Sure, affordability means this is not a genuine leather case, but actually, that does not detract from the look and feel of the Arae PU. This spacious case also allows you to carry up to four credit cards. The fourth card slot is clear, which makes it perfect for carrying an ID or document such as a driver’s license.

A fifth full-length pocket provides plenty of space for cash and other paper items and still leaves the case not feeling bulky. When not in use, the case closes over the LG G8 to keep the screen safe, staying in a place with a magnetic connector that stops wallet contents from falling out.

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Ringke Fusion-X

The Ringke Fusion-X is an interesting case because it combines the durability of hard-shell shock-absorbing cases with the simplicity of a skin-style design. That’s because Ringke has created a case that brings protection to key areas of the LG G8, but also allows a lot of the smartphone’s aesthetics to be visible.Ringke Fusion-X

It’s perhaps best to think of the Fusion-X as an exoskeleton for your LG G8, although it does have a clear polycarbonate hardback holding it all together. Because of that see-through rear, the backplate of the G8 is always visible but always protected.

To protect the vital (and most at-risk) areas of the device, the Fusion-X has textured soft TPU dual-layering on all four corners. In terms of withstanding drops, this case is top-tier and has a 10-ft drop protection rating.

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OtterBox Defender Series

Another case from the rugged class of protection is the OtterBox Defender Series, which brings leading drop security to the LG G8 flagship. With the Defender Series, your smartphone stays safe even in the harshest of environments, while the case adds a little extra weight so using it day-to-day is not a problem.OtterBox Defender Series

The protection offered by the Defender Series comes from OtterBox’s multi-layer construction. By using a solid inner shell and a softer outer cover, the case can absorb shocks more efficiently, allowing the handset to remain unharmed during drops.

Versatility is also important for some users, so the OtterBox should be appealing thanks to its built-in belt-clip holster. Interestingly, this holster will double as a kickstand when you need some hands-free viewing. Adding to the rugged durability, the Defender Series also boasts port covers for full dust-proofing.

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Spigen Liquid Crystal

As one of the best smartphones on the market, the LG G8 is a desirable piece of tech hardware that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is powerful. Some users are unwilling to trade the handset’s good looks for complete protection. A good alternative is to buy a clear minimalist case, and the Spigen Liquid Crystal is one of the best.Spigen Liquid Crystal

Sure, this is not a rugged case, so you still won’t want to drop your LG G8 from any kind of height. However, if you just want to protect the smartphone from scratches the Liquid Crystal is a good option. The anti-slip TPU means it is easy to handle and it adds very little weight to the G8.

Spigen has reinforced the button areas to ensure pressing is tactile and responsive. Elsewhere, the case has been fully optimized to handle wireless charging.

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Our list of cases for the LG G8 ensures your device will stay protected as you use it day-to-day. With a 6.1-inch screen and hardly any bezels, the sleek design of the G8 makes the device fragile as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Our recommended cases do a good job of ensuring you get the most from this powerful smartphone without ever worrying about drop damage.

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