What is the main purpose of learning the other country languages? According to the requirement, the answer would also be different. Students must learn the native language if they are planning to study in foreign. Similarly, if a family plan to shift to another country, they must learn the native language.

To completely learn the respective language, you have to give much time. Although, some time the basic knowledge of that particular language, helps you a lot. That’s why here we are to discuss Best German Learning Apps for Android. So, have a look at the discussion and choose the best one to get to know the basics.

Best German Learning Apps for Android

Here, in this guide, you will have a list of Best German Learning Apps for Android. In which, 5 best apps are included. The apps you will visit in the guide are readily available at the Google Store. All these apps free to download and install. All of them offers high compatibility with all of your Android-based smart devices.

Best German Learning AppS For Android

Learn German with WordPic

This Learn German with WordPic is the best app which let you learn German using the images. With this app, you do not need to give much time. Whenever you free, just open the app and learn quickly. By using this app, you can improve your skill in reading and speak German.

It offers a massive vocabulary with Germon words along with pictures. You can also get proper knowledge about German grammar with the gender-specific article.

Learn German with WordPic

You will get a single word for the many times for the repetition. It makes your speed of learning faster. It also has a speaker that speaks every word for its proper pronunciation. There are three types of way to learn German. One is German word is given, and you have to choose the correct answer of the image. The second one is a vice-versa of the first one. In the last one, an image is there with the English meaning. To answer it, you can speak or type.

As you going to learn, more difficult will come to learn more. For the beginners and intermediate learners, this is the best app. You can also use this app offline excepting the use of the speaker.

Features of Learn German with WordPic App

  • Improve your skill of reading and speaking German
  • Vocabulary with Germon words alongside pictures
  • Get proper knowledge about German grammar with the gender-specific article
  • A Speaker for the proper pronunciation of words
  • Repetition of the word for the faster learning
  • Three ways to learn German easily
  • As you progress, more difficulty will be there
  • Best app for beginners and intermediate learners
  • Works offline excepting speaker

Mein Hobby German Learning

The Mein Hobby German Learning app offers a well-designed UI. It mostly offers three categories to learn German. Three categories include Learn, Play, and Speak.

Under these categories, you will have some words and phrase to know how it can be spoken in German. For its proper pronunciation, it also has a native speaker. The speaker will speak out the word loudly.

MeinHobby German Learning

To test your German skill, you can also play games under the play category. There are three games to play in which each will ask you a question and you have to answer it.

In the speaking, you have to speak the word that is shown to you. To speak, you have to use a speaker. You will have lots of words, sentences, verbs, and more in German. With this German Learning app, you can have a good experience.

Features of MeinHobby German Learning App

  • A well-designed UI
  • Three categories to learn German including Learn, Play, and Speak
  • Words, sentences, verbs, and phrase in German
  • For the proper pronunciation, A Native Speaker helps
  • Play games to know German words
  • Speak the shown word using a mike


The Duolingo is another best option to learn the German language. As you open this app, it will ask you to choose the language. But, here you do not need to do anything as by-default German is set. The best thing regarding this app is that it lets you choose the Daily Goal.

The Daily Goal can be described as a time that you seriously want to learn German in a day. Select the goal according to your passion for learning it from, Casual, Regular, Serious, and Insane. Go ahead after selecting the level from Beginner and Intermediate.

Duolingo App

This app comes with a cool and attractive UI. With this app, you will have many ways to learn German. It offers lots of words, verbs, sentences, and phrase in the German language. Alongside for the better learning, the app has a tremendous set of vocabulary. Along with German, you can learn Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Ukrainian, and more languages.

You will also love the way of learning German by this app. It offers quiz and games to learn. You can also have a native speaker that helps you to know how to speak various German words.

Features of Duolingo App

  • Choose the Daily Goal from – Casual, Regular, Serious, and Insane
  • Learn German according to the level – Beginner and Intermediate
  • Cool and Attractive UI
  • Lots of words, verbs, sentences, and phrase in the German language
  • A Tremendous set of vocabulary
  • Learn other languages like Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Irish, and more
  • Quiz and Games to learn the easily
  • A native speaker for the proper speaking out
Duolingo: Language Lessons
Duolingo: Language Lessons
Developer: Duolingo
Price: Free

Learn German DeutschAkademie

This app comes with a normal UI but has very much to offer you. It will let you learn the German language based on the level you choose. The levels it offers are A1, A2, B1, B2, and C1.

Every level will have a 10 quiz type question to answer. As you answer those questions, you will upgrade to the next level. Along with this quiz, you can also have textbook exercise and grammar topics. This specifies points are providing all the required knowledge regarding German.

Learn German DeutschAkademie

On the basis of the answers you have given, you will also get some points. to check the overall ratings and stats, there is also an option for that. This app will let you connect to their page on Facebook for the word exchange between many learners. There, you can also get make important conversation with other learners.

Features of Learn German DeutschAkademie

  • Learn according to the levels A1, A2, B1, B2, and C1
  • Quiz-type questions to practice the level you choose
  • Textbook exercise and Grammar topics for a proper learning experience
  • Overall Ratings and Stats
  • Learn with other German learners

Learn German Speak German

The Learn German Speak German is another best app to learn German with a good influence. On the first screen of this app, by-default the German language is set.

Now, to begin with, the app, just tap Start Tutorial. Not only German, but you can learn many Worldwide languages. It offers French, Spanish, Hindi, Russian, English, Chinese, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, and more.

Learn German Speak German

For the proper learning of all the languages, it will provide the three level to choose. Those three levels are Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The app will provide the lesson according to the selection of the level. Also of that, by completing the daily lesson, you can improve your learning experience. There is also a progress checker to check what progress you have made. By playing the quiz, you can test your self.

With this app, you can have many categories to learn about. In which some of are free while some are paid. All these categories will teach you the German along with all the primary vocabulary. Family, Romance, Countries and Language, Travel, Sports, School, and more are paid category. Those categories can be unlocked by an in-app purchase.

Features of Learn German Speak German App

  • Learn Worldwide languages like French, Spanish, Hindi, Russian, English, Chinese, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, etc.
  • Three level to begin with – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • Set of huge vocabulary, words, verbs, sentences, and many more
  • Lesson according to the level you have selected
  • Progress checker to check the progress
  • Better learning with the quiz
  • Free and Paid categories for the deep knowledge of the German language
  • Paid categories include Family, Romance, Countries, Language, Travel, Sports, School, and more
Learn German - Speak German
Learn German - Speak German

So, what is your take on to this Guide? Do let us know that which app provides the best content while learning German.

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