We know how the smartphone has made our routine life very easy. Every day new technology related to smart gadgets is in development. Nowadays, we are also witnessing Smart Speakers. Smart Speakers are devices that answer the question with virtual voice.

If we make a list of all the Smart Speakers, which one will be topping? It is an Amazon Alexa-enabled device. Amazon has produced a range of smart speakers with the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service called Alexa. To date, Amazon has launched the Echo (1st/2nd Gen), Echo Dot, and Echo Plus.

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These Alexa-enabled speakers will answer your questions only using voice commands. It can set alarms, play music, make to-do lists, stream podcasts, play audiobooks, and more. You can also get real-time weather, traffic, and more information.

Best Amazon Echo Dot Accessories

Here, you will get some of the best Amazon Echo Dot Accessories. All the below-mentioned accomplices will undoubtedly work well with Amazon Echo Dot.

Best Amazon Echo Dot Accessories

Before that, here is something that you need to know about ahead of jumping on the guide. This something is What is the Difference between Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot?

First of all, take a look at the thin line difference between Echo and Echo Dot. Then, we’ll directly jump on the Amazon Echo Dot Accessories.

Difference Between Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot

At the initial level, Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot are Smart Speakers, which are Alexa-enabled devices. Both will perform the same functions as we have mentioned above. But, when it comes to the difference, the first thing that comes to mind is the size of both the Smart Speakers.

Regarding the size, we know Amazon Echo 1st Gen and 2nd Gen come with a Cylindrical shape and size with a certain height. Conversely, the Amazon Echo Dot is a very tiny smart speaker compared to the Echo. As the size reduces, the internal features also change.

The Echo comes with two built-in speakers and a resonating chamber. At the same time, you can not find the same in the Echo Dot. However, it has only one speaker. So, if you want to use a smart speaker to has advanced volume, you can not prefer the Echo Dot. At that time, you must look up to Echo.

One more difference in terms of a feature is there that the Echo does not include. And, if you are looking for it, you can not go with it. This difference is of 3.5 mm Audio Jack. Though bigger, Amazon Echo does not offer an audio jack. With this feature of the Echo Dot, you can connect your home theatre system or a portable speaker with it.

Except for this jack port, both Alexa-enabled Speakers offer Bluetooth Connectivity.

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Sanus Wall Mount

The Sanus Wall Mount comes with a user-friendly design to fit up the Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Gen. It is manufactured in the USA. Though it is made in the USA, it will only be compatible with the 2nd Gen Amazon Echo Dot. This wall mount is constructed with premium and high-quality polymer.

You can easily place the Echo Dot everywhere in your home, including furniture, floors, platforms, and more. This Sanus Mount can be attached a few times. For that, fix the mount on the wall and fit the Echo Dot into it. Once you fit the Echo Dot in it, they do not worry about its damage. The Sanu’s device will securely and rigidly catch it.

Best Amazon Echo Dot Accessories

Even when you install it upside down, there is nothing to worry about falling. The hidden 3M Command strips tab will let you move the Echo Dot when you are about to place it in another location. For a colour choice, you can choose two colours: White and Black.

After fitting the Echo Dot into the wall mount, it will not interfere with the voice recognition for Alexa. Also, you can have a port for plugging in the cables.

Sanus Wall Mount Features

  • User-friendly design to fit up the Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Gen
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Compatible with the 2nd Gen Amazon Echo Dot
  • Constructed with the Premium and High-quality Polymer
  • Place it everywhere in your home, including furniture, floor, platforms, and more
  • A Secure and Rigid catch to not worry about damage
  • Hidden 3M Command strips tab to move 
  • Not interfere with the voice recognition for Alexa.

This Dottie Plug-in Mount

This product includes a Dottie Plug-in Mount, USB Power Adapter, and Micro USB Cable. This profile is designed and assembled in the USA. With this plug-in mount, you do not need to find the place to put the Dot. It can be mounted everywhere with an electric outlet in your home.

It improvises the microphone’s array sensitivity and audio playback. To mount it, no need for any tools and devices; plug in the mount and fit the Dot into it. You can use This Dottie Plug-in Mount at the office or at home to increase the embellishment.

This Dottie Plug-in Mount

It does not matter where you mount it; you will never be out of the enjoyment of listening to music, calling, or more. This profile is designed only for the 2nd Gen Amazon Echo Dot. For the 1st Gen Echo Dot, you need to look for other mounts.

This Dottie Plug-in Mount Features

  • Designed and Assembled in the USA
  • You do not need to find the place every time to put the Dot with this mount
  • Mount in every Electric Outlet at your home
  • Improvises the Microphones Array Sensitivity and Audio Playback
  • Plug in the mount and fit the Dot
  • Enjoy listening to music, calling, or more
  • Compatible with 2nd Gen Amazon Echo Dot
  • Includes Dottie Plug-in Mount, USB Power Adapter, and Micro USB Cable 

Wasserstein Portable Power Bank

The Wasserstein Portable Power Bank comes with an easy-to-use design. If protection against scratches, dirt, and slipping is your main requirement, then the Wasserstein product suits you the most. This product is available in five colours: Brown, Dark Blue, Red, Light Blue, and Sandstone.

The Wasserstein Power Bank is made of durable Nylon Woven Fabric. It has a rubberized bottom inside itself that protects the Alexa from slippage. The stubborn casing will provide a shielding result against bumps, scratches, and dirt. Though you fit up the Echo Dot in it, Alexa will easily recognize the voice.

Wasserstein Portable Power Bank

The capacity of this Wasserstein Portable device is 7000 mAh. With this power, it allows wireless usage for 5 to 8 hours. Regarding the standby time, it will be live for 10 to 12 hours. A Fast Charging feature of this power bank will charge it within 3 to 4 hours. You can charge this power bank using the power adapter of the Echo Dot.

It offers easy installation and removal of the Dot. At the bottom, you can see Sound Gaps to have better sound quality.

Wasserstein Portable Power Bank Features

  • Easy-to-use design with Easy Installation and Removal
  • Available in Five Colors
  • Made of Durable Nylon Woven Fabric
  • A Rubberized bottom to protect the Alexa from slippage
  • Shielding against bumps, scratches, and dirt
  • Easy Voice Recognition for Alexa
  • 7000 mAh Power capacity
  • Wireless usage of 5 to 8 hours
  • Standby time of 10 to 12 hours
  • Simple Installation and Removal
  • Sound Gaps at the bottom for better sound quality

iHome iAVS1W Bedside Stereo Speaker

The Home iAVS1W Bedside Stereo Speaker is also one of the best accessories for the Echo Dot. The tagline “The Spot for Your Dot” provides a special place for the Amazon-owned device. This iHome product comes with an integrated stereo speaker and clock solution.

This item will be compatible with the Amazon Echo Dot of 1st and 2nd Gen. It will continuously boost the power of Alexa.

iHome iAVS1W Bedside Stereo Speaker

It also offers an enhanced audio sound, a glanceable clock display, and a USB charging port. With all this combination, you will have perfect bedside art. The adjustable brightness level will automatically set the brightness according to the need.

iHome iAVS1W Bedside Stereo Speaker Features 

  • One of the best accessories for the Echo Dot
  • Integrated Stereo Speaker and Clock Solution
  • Compatible with Amazon Echo Dot of 1st and 2nd Gen
  • Continuously boost the power
  • Enhanced Audio Sound, Glanceable Clock Display, and USB Port for phone charging
  • Reson8 speaker chamber technology for an enhanced bass experience
  • Adjustable Brightness level to set the brightness of the display

Fintie Protective Case

Whenever you have something very useful, you always consider its protection and care. Do not you think the Alexa-enabled Echo Dot also needs the same? Obviously Yes. Then, the Fintie Protective Case will protect the device from all undesired actions.

This Fintie Case is made of Premium Synthetic Leather with a soft non-scratch microfiber interior. That means you can not witness the scratches during installation and removal.

Fintie Protective Case

It also protects the outer body of the Dot against dirt and abrasions. The aluminium button is there to stabilize the Echo Dot with a fixture.

The protective case will have the perfect cutouts to easily access the buttons. You can also use this Fintie Protective Case collection to decorate your home, bedroom, and more. It is specially designed for the 2nd Gen Echo Dot. So, you can not look up to this product if you want to use it for 1st Gen Dot.

Fintie Protective Case Features

  • Best for the Echo Dot 2nd Gen
  • Protect the Echo Dot from all the undesired actions
  • Made of Premium Synthetic Leather with a soft non-scratch microfiber interior
  • Protection against scratches, dirt, and abrasions
  • Fixture using the aluminium button
  • Quick Installation and Removal
  • Perfect cutouts to have access to the buttons

What would you prefer as the Best Echo Dot Accessories?

We hope this guide will provide a clear idea to get the best Echo Dot Accessories.

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