Are you frequently facing battery-draining issues on Android phones? Want to optimize your Android battery for its optimum performance? Check out this battery calibration process for efficient use.

How do I calibrate my Android battery

This article will show you how to calibrate your Android smartphone or tablet battery for better performance. Using the Battery Calibration method on your smartphone, you can also increase your battery life.

Note that the battery calibration process does not actually improve the battery, nor does it affect battery life or performance. It will only help you to detect whether your phone is displaying an accurate battery level or not.

If your smartphone isn’t charging properly and draining the battery fast, this calibration process will help you optimize your battery for improved performance. So don’t worry about your smartphone’s battery performance now.

How can you calibrate my Android battery?

Check out our full detailed guide on how to battery calibration on Android tablets and smartphones.

Battery calibration for all phones

Note: This battery calibration trick will work on both Non-rooted and Rooted smartphones. If you have a rooted smartphone so, you can also try this method. Let’s take a look this way.

  • First of all, you have to plug in your smartphone to the wall charger, and you have to charge it to full. ( Note: For better results, you have to charge your smartphone battery up to 100% )
  • Now unplug your charger to the smartphone and switch off your smartphone
  • Again, plug your charger into the smartphone to charge it 100%. (Note: The battery indicator will indicate when it has been done or charged fully.)
  • Unplug your smartphone charger when the battery is charged (100%) full.
  • Switch on your smartphone and check the battery level
  • Now you have to drain your smartphone battery till it turns off automatically. (Note: You have no extra time to drain your smartphone battery, so you can also use the battery-draining Android application.)
  • After the draining process, you have to charge your device to 100%
  • Once more, unplug your Smartphone, and again you have to drain your smartphone battery till it switches off automatically.
  • Now again, charge your smartphone battery 100%

For better results, repeat this process 4 to 5 times. This whole process of battery calibration includes resetting and erasing the battery stats database from your smartphone directory.

It means your smartphone battery indicator shows the correct estimation of battery stats.

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Battery calibration For Rooted smartphone devices

On the Play Store, there are so many apps available to do battery calibration on your smartphone. This trick is only for rooted smartphone users because some of the applications require a rooted device.

Only you have to download any one battery calibration Android app from the Play Store. But for your convenience, you can try your hands on Battery Calibration apps. It will help you to do the battery calibration process easily and quickly without any problem.

Note: for rooted smartphone devices, we have two methods to do battery calibration on your smartphone.

Let’s take a look at our best way to do battery calibration.

Using battery calibration Android apps

There is no need for battery calibrating apps as the most system are now able to optimize themselves and comes with battery checker status in the system nowadays. But if you still want to give it a try, read further.

First of all, you have to download the battery calibrator for Android from the Google Play Store. Here we have listed the two best battery calibration Android applications for your convenience.

Developer: Digibites
Price: Free

Now you have to download and install any one Android application on your smartphone to do the battery calibration process.

  • After installing the battery calibration Android app on your smartphone, charge your smartphone to 100%.
  • Now open battery calibration Android App > check the mV meter.
  • Tap on the battery calibration button to calibrate your smartphone battery.
  • Now discharge your smartphone battery til it shuts off automatically. Or shut down your smartphone.
  • Plug in the charger, Again charge your smartphone to 100%, and switch off your smartphone.

Note: When you press the battery calibration button, this app will automatically reset & erase the battery stats database from your smartphone.

Using Custom Recovery. img on your smartphone.

Note: If you have an installed Custom ROM on your smartphone using recovery. img. This method only works on Custom Rom-installed smartphones.

  • Open recovery mode on your smartphone
  • Now find and navigate to “Advanced” options in the recovery mode
  • Here you can find the “Wipe Battery Stats” option to wipe old battery stats from your Android smartphone
  • You have to select it to erase the battery stats from your device
  • Now Switch off your smartphone and charge it fully 100%
  • After that, use it and drain your smartphone battery till it turns off automatically.
  • Now again, charge it 100% and use your smartphone.

This is how to calibrate an Android smartphone’s battery for better battery life and performance.

The best thing for the smartphone user, use the A.C Adaptor Charger for your smartphone to keep the battery healthy.

What is battery calibration?

It’s an important thing to know what battery calibration is. We all know that our phones display battery status on the notification bar. Usually, the Android operating system keeps track of your battery and charge level, which displays the battery status in percentage on your phone.

Sometimes that system does not function properly, and the displayed battery status isn’t always correct because of this.

Any phone battery may get damaged with time, as the battery degrades gradually, but the software does not consider this when showing you the battery status.

Battery calibration is a simple process to check your Android OS’s correct battery level.

Have any questions? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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