Exploring the internet to know about Amazon India Pay Later credit feature? If yes, then we are here to explain to you everything about Amazon Pay Later, which was launched recently in India. We have provided all the basic and detailed information in the sections below.

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform that deals with various products, from software to hardware, and kitchen to roadways. From groceries to footwear, and whatnot; it has everything under one roof.

In this lockdown and COVID-19 pandemic situation, when fulfilling our basic needs is a challenge, Amazon launched its “Amazon India Pay Later credit” feature in India. With this unique payment method, customers can buy every essential using the Amazon Pay Later credits defined.

Well, earlier the feature was available for only eligible customers, but with the additional efforts of the company, it extended its limits to more and more customers. The main aim of this feature is to help their customers in this coronavirus pandemic so that they can extend their budgets and purchase whatever essentials they want and quickly pay later after one month or so.

So, today in this article, we are going to discuss everything about Amazon India Pay Later credit Feature. So, put the ball in the box and read every detail about this feature.

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Detailed Information About Amazon India Pay Later Credit

Amazon India Pay Later Credit.

Amazon India Pay Later credit is a hassle-free service for all eligible customers for instant zero-interest credit. This exceptional service is available on all the products like pantries, electronics, clothing, etc. that are available on Amazon. in. You need to go through the simple digital sign-up process for instant credit.

Once you have successfully signed up, then you are eligible to buy all the products from Amazon. that are under the defined eligible credit amount limit. The repayment process is also easy; you can repay the full amount in one go, or you can refund the amount on 3 or 12 EMIs with a nominal interest rate.

Moreover, Amazon India offers products on no-cost EMIs means the interest rate is nominal from 1.5 to 2%, and there are no hidden charges. Amazon is helping its customers in these difficult times so that they experience comfortable and convenient options for making payments.

This feature not only boosts the buying experience of the customers but also gives relief from daily hassles. For the true success of this feature, Amazon Pay has partnered with Capital Float and Karur Vysya Bank so that it increases the purchasing power and enhances the services for all their customers.

How To Register For Amazon Pay Later Credit?

The registration process is straightforward; you just visit the registration page on the app. Then you need to verify your account and other details. You have to complete the KYC process to enable the service. For KYC completion, you can share your PAN card number or the Aadhar card number. Once the KYC process is completed, you become an eligible member of this service.

Benefits of Amazon Pay Later Credit

  • There is no need to provide your credit card details.
  • No hidden charges or cancellation fees for cancelling products.
  • Convenient check-in and check-out services by using Amazon Pay Later option
  • You can easily track your records on the simplified dashboard.
  • The simple and easy registration process

Where Can You Use Amazon Pay Later Credit?

Amazon India states that you can use this Pay Later feature on all products except gold, silver, or any jewellery because the price of precious metals does not remain stable. You cannot use this service for international purchases as well. This service cannot be used on the purchase of Amazon Gift cards either.

Will You Have To Pay The Interest?

Of course, you have to pay the nominal amount of interest if you cannot pay the entire amount in one month. And if you spent more than Rs3000, you are eligible to repay the amount with interest in 3 months, and if you shop for rs6000, you can repay it in 6 months, and if you buy for 9000, you can repay it in either 9 or 12 months with nominal interest rate.

Final Words

We think that with the launch of this feature, the purchasing power of the customers increases, and somewhere it helps in fulfilling their daily essential needs.

Thanks for spending your time reading this post. We hope you can also use this feature now and fulfil your daily requirements. For more updates, do follow us and stay tuned with us on our website, The Android Portal.

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