Are you looking for the best telemedicine apps or doctor consulting apps? If yes, then here you have arrived on the right webpage. Read this post to find the best telemedicine apps and install them today!

Installing the best telemedicine apps or doctor consulting app in an epidemic scenario like Covid-19 truly makes sense. Everybody is busy with their stuff that they do not have time for regular checkups or to go to a doctor.

Sometimes you need to look for a doctor but cannot find it because you are stuck in that area where doctors cannot be found find it easily, or sometimes you may not be allowed to escape your house, just like happening right now on lockdown days. Sometimes, the appointment time is also not suitable according to your schedule.

Then what happens next? In that case, the best telemedicine apps are the option for you. So, today in our article, we are going to discuss the most crucial topic Best Telemedicine Apps.

Everyone is going to face some or a few health issues, but they are afraid of going to the hospital for their checkup because of this coronavirus pandemic. If you also feel the same, then read our article further to get all the details about telemedicine apps.

But before proceeding to the main content, we will tell you, What are Telemedicine apps?

What Is a Telemedicine App?

Telemedicine is a medical service that allows doctors to reach their patients, even in remote areas. With the telemedicine app, you can easily reach out to the doctor via video call conference, or talk or text features. Through telemedicine apps, doctors prescribe medications, diagnose, and treat their patients.

With these apps, you can also receive convenient medical care facilities at your doorstep. The apps are suitable for doctors, too, because they can see more and more patients in a day without waiting hours. These apps are helpful for those people who live in remote areas.

Best Telemedicine Apps To Install Right Now!

MFine- Consult doctors online

Mine is the best doctor consultation app that connects you with the top doctors without stepping outside.

The app is best known because it connects doctors from the most trusted hospitals and clinics. You can consult with the doctor in any language on chat, audio, or video call. The app also offers an option to book your regular health checkups at your doorstep services.

MFine- Consult doctors online

Moreover, the doctors also provide their services, even in remote areas. And the app offers a 50-60% discount on every health checkup. The app also provides an appropriate medicine reminder option so that you can never miss your dose.

You can choose from the 25+ specialists for your serious problems. The app is the stress booster in this coronavirus pandemic because of no more worries about your health conditions. Overall, it’s one of the best telemedicine apps to go with right now.

Doctor on Demand

Doctor on Demand is one of the top-rated apps on our list, and this app is an excellent choice for all people.

The app is helpful because it connects to specialists or physicians in a minute. On this app, doctors are available 24*7 to help their patients with almost all health problems. The app is also available for both with and without insurance persons. This online platform is less expensive than visiting a clinic.

Doctor on Demand

This app is also helpful for regular checkup patients as it cuts their daily visit expenses. You can connect with the doctor either on chat, audio, or video call and tell the symptoms that you are facing.

And after everything is done, the doctor starts their treatment process according to your condition. From medical to mental health, you can find all types of doctors, and that places this app among the best telemedicine apps.

Doctor On Demand
Doctor On Demand
Price: Free

My On-call Doc

My On Call Doc is another excellent app to speak with physicians or other health care service experts. The app was primarily created to help you in non-emergency situations. On this app, the doctors are available 24*7 to provide care and other treatments.

My On Call Doc

The doctors also prescribe the best medications according to your treatment. You can connect with healthcare experts on both audio and video calls.

The app also helps in reducing your regular visit charges to the doctors. From medical to other facilities, you can find everything on this platform.

Doctor On Demand
Doctor On Demand
Price: Free

Practo- Book Doctor Appointment

Practo is one of the top-rated and best telemedicine apps on our list because it’s not just an app; it’s an online platform to book doctors and order medicines. Practo is the one shop to fulfil all your medical needs.

You can book appointments, consult and chat with doctors or buy affordable family health plans means you can do whatever you want from this platform.

Practo- Book Doctor Appointment

With this app, you can also ask your queries about health-related problems and receive regular health tips and advice from certified physicians and specialists.

Before booking an appointment with the doctor, you can check the profile, consultation fees, and other queries about the doctor.

The app includes doctors from top-rated hospitals like Fortis, Apollo, Columbia, Manipal, etc. so that you can get the best healthcare services.

Doctor 24*7

Doctor 24*7 is one of the most recommended apps on our list. Through this app, you consult with certified doctors, physicians, and experts 24*7.

You can directly contact, speak to, or video call experienced and certified doctors and share your problems with them anytime, anywhere. The app also offers free consultation in Cough and Fever Speciality with no waiting and no risk of infection.

Doctor 24

The app is free so you can get unlimited doctor consultations and around an 80% discount on the membership plans. From gynaecologists to sexologists, the app provides all experts under one roof. Overall, it’s great, convenient, and among the best telemedicine apps.

Aayu Consult Doctors and Order Medicines Online

Aayu is like a family doctor and is the best companion on the list of apps. With the Aayu app, you consult with more than thousands of doctors in just a minute.

The doctors on this app are available from the top-rated hospitals. You can also save medical records or manage family health checkup reports in this app.

Aayu Consult Doctors and Order Medicines Online

You can get the best from specialist doctors for all kinds of diseases. The app also cuts out the regular visit expenses and offers you the most convenient and affordable experience.

The app works perfectly in remote areas, which means no worries about your health services even in this lockdown pandemic.

Aayu® : Consult doctor
Aayu® : Consult doctor
Developer: MedCords
Price: To be announced

Dofody: Online Doctor Consultation

Dofody, as the name says, means doctors in your hands. With the Dofody app, you can easily make an appointment and chat with any specialist within no time.

You can also ask your medical queries and related problems on the app and choose the doctor according to your feedback and experience. You just need to pay the doctor’s consultation fee and securely get the treatment.

Dofody Online Doctor Consultation

You can also upload your reports or lab tests for better consultation from the experts. If you have pregnancy issues or other sexual problems, then don’t rush to the clinics at first; just download the Dofody App and start a consultation with the experts. Overall, it’s another one of the best telemedicine apps to get today.


Lybrate is another most used and top-rated app in our list of best telemedicine apps. From this app, you quickly book appointments, find nearby doctors, or buy health products in just one click.

Lybrate is one of the most popular medical platforms, which includes thousands of certified and top-rated experts. These experts advise you on any of your health problems without charging a fee (first time).


You can find doctors from the best and most accredited hospitals with all specialities. You can also get free health tips and suggestions from various trusted doctors on all health-related problems.

From Ayurveda remedies to home remedies, you can get everything in the app. You can also manage medical records, download pdf, and save the documents for future use.

Lybrate: Online Doctor Consult
Lybrate: Online Doctor Consult
Developer: Lybrate
Price: Free

Seven: Ask a Doctor

If you want to simplify your health experience, then the seven app is for you. With the Seven app, you can get all-around health services with top-rated and certified experts. First, you need to chat with the doctor to schedule your appointment.

Then you can ask your query related to your health or tell the symptoms you are facing. Once done, the doctor prescribes medications or treatments according to your condition.

Seven Ask a Doctor

It is an excellent telemedicine platform where you can get doctors 24*7 on the way. With this app, you can also create health reminders about the dose and receive daily health tips and suggestions from the experts. You can also book a lab test or order prescribed medicine with this platform.

Seven Doctors : Ask a Doctor &
Seven Doctors : Ask a Doctor &


NetMeds is India’s biggest online platform for buying medicines, consulting doctors, and booking lab tests. With the NetMeds app, you can get the medication at your doorstep at affordable prices. If you have any medical queries, then call or chat with the NetMeds professional experts and get better treatment with ease.


You can also book the lab test in just a click if you are in a hurry. You can get free health-related services and suggestions at your fingertips initially. With timely medicine refill reminders, you can never run out of your regular medicine doses.

Final Words

So, those are the best telemedicine apps at your fingertips. We hope those apps help you in finding the best experts and solve all your health issues.

Thanks for reading this post. We hope all the above apps help you in solving your health issues, and that you can get better treatments. If you enjoy reading this article, then like us, follow us, and don’t forget to share our article. For more latest updates, follow us on The Android Portal website.

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