YU YUNICORN SmartPhone To be Launched on 19th May

Micromax subsidiary, YU Televentures, is going to announce new smartphone called YU YUNICORN smartphone on 19th of this month. The invite reads, “Fantasy will soon become reality. Join us in the unveiling of the phone that will redefine flagships”. This is not giving any idea about smartphone’s design, feature, pricing details or anything about YU Yunicorn smartphone.


On their official channel, they have released teaser video about Redefining Flagship. In thich they showed CEO is breaking model of ship with big hammer. Also they have said on YouTube that, they are excited to tell that their next device is around the corner, and it’s nothing short of incredible. It will break someone hearts and insanely beautiful. It will break records and will break the convention. It will break the rules & it will break the chips. WAIT, it will break the flagships.

We hope, we can expect more details about this smartphones Hope we can expect more teasers of the smartphone till next Thursday 19th May. Do share with us, what features you are expecting in YU’s next flagship model?

Last Updated On: May 16, 2016

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