younity Let’s You Stream Movies Across Devices

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Data management is the most time-consuming task for everyone. If you are working on desktop PC, laptop and tablet devices together you know what I mean. I work on PC from office, at home using laptop and tablet while travelling. But managing office files, videos, etc. in each device is not possible for me. Sometimes, I need data from my tablet device to my desktop computer, but it’s not workable.

One of the solutions is to use Dropbox, on all devices. That will keep files synchronised between all devices. But it allows only 2 GB FREE, so if you have lots of data and you don’t know which file you might need, it’s not advisable. In such situation, rescue comes in the form of a younity app. I just found younity app online while searching for the solution to this issue and found it useful.

Younity Android app is also available for other platforms like iPhones, Android, Windows, Mac, etc. So you can access your files from anywhere on any device. All you need to do is just have younity app on your device, create an account there. After that, sync the desired location of your computer to be synced with your Younity account.younity for Android

Main option shows currently playing, music, videos, Photos, files, search and setting option. Invite option is another option that helps you to earn free younity account. Also, your music files can be filtered according to songs, genres, playlist, artist, albums, etc.

It will synchronize your data to your younity account, depending on your internet speed and data you have, it will take time. Once all your metadata synced, you will be able to access those files from your account. Younity will categorise all your synced content based on file types so you can easily differentiate your files.

The thing is that you need to have installed younity app on both the device you want to stream or sync data within. Also, you should login to that account with same login credentials to access your files.

Good thing is that you can connect as many devices as you want to access your content. You just have to log in with the same credentials and your files will be there for you – Theandroidportal team.

If you want your friend to access your files which use younity, you can also share any of your selected files securely. You will be able to share your Apple iTunes playlist with other younity users; other younity users will be able to stream that music files instantly on their device.

Your uploaded file is safe, as there are no real data involved in an entire process. All you are doing is stream the content from your one device to another. Also, you have not to worry about storage limitation like other cloud storage options.

How does younity Work

younity, which is persona cloud service that does not rely on cloud storage to give you access to your files. Suppose you want your file on your iPad, just download younity on your iPad and log in with your credentials. It does not store anything, but stream your content between devices. It supports media, music, documents and image files.

The only drawback we have found is it lets you to syncs data from your PC, and you will be able to access via your smartphones or tablet devices. But you are not able to upload content via phone or tablet and access it from a computer. If there are multiple files from multiple devices, it shows all available files together. Instead of which files from which device.

younity app for android

You can get 7 days free trial for a younity app, or if you want to test younity’s premium version, you can comment below. We will arrange coupon code for you to go.From setting option, you will be able to see how many devices are connected with your account.


There is no denying that younity is a game changer. As we have also tested some other file streaming services before, but nothing comes close to the finesse of younity. No storage limit & no limit on some connecting devices is a great feature that we liked. The best part is that you can download this app for FREE from Google Play store for your smartphone.Download younity app from below.

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Last Updated On: January 28, 2017

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