The Chinese technology giant Xiaomi has recently revealed that the company is about to launch a new Mi TV which will feature improved functionality as well as a better remote control. The Mi TV is set to launch on 23 April 2019. According to the latest news, Mi TV won’t be the only product that Xiaomi will be launching on the given release date.

Xiaomi announced about the release of the new Mi TV through a Weibo post which said “Forward and pumps a new product. Xiaomi TV 2019 spring new product launch, see you on April 23 [followed by a heart emoji].”

The company has just released a new poster which teases the launch of another Xiaomi product which will come under the MIJIA brand. Xiaomi’s MIJIA is the company’s division for smart home and IoT (Internet of Thing) solutions. The poster shows no details about the product or any of its technical information. We just know that a product is on its way with the same release date as the new Xiaomi Mi TV.

The only information we have to guess what this product can be is that the poster was published on the official MIJIA Smart Weighing Scale account on the popular Chinese social media platform Weibo. If you are wondering what this product is or what it is about, you won’t be the only one. A lot of people are speculating what this product will be and a large number of individuals have concluded that the Chinese technology giant has actually developed a smart scale which is fully functional on delivering what the concept promises.

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The exact translation of the originally-Chinese Weibo post makes almost no sense when using Google Translate. However, we tasked our language experts to translate the post into meaningful English and this is the result. Come and find out a secret [that we’ve been hiding], in fact, new products along with the Xiaomi Mi TV.

Xiaomi’s MIJIA currently has two weighing scales in its lineup. The MIJIA Weight scale which costs about $15 and the MIJIA Body Fat Scale which costs approximately $30. While we have no idea about the product or the key features that it will offer, we can be sure that it will be related to weighing as it has been teased officially by the MIJIA Smart Scale brand.

This makes it highly likely that the new product will be some sort of a weighing scale. Many in the technology community are sure that this product is a new body fat scale which will improve upon the current MIJIA Body Fat Scale and will add new features to it.

If that was true, then the news is not of such a high impact, the Xiaomi Mi TV will still remain the highlight of the show. It seems like a good option that Xiaomi is capitalizing on the popularity of the release date of the new Xiaomi Mi TV to also launch a new product which wouldn’t have gotten this much attention.

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