Xiaomi has been on a path of continuous growth for the past few years. Unsurprisingly, the company had to move a few times to house its increasing number of employees. The company has moved its base of operations multiple times in Beijing since it skyrocketed.

This time, Xiaomi is ready to move to its fully-owned brand new headquarters in Beijing. The new headquarters are absolutely humongous and will surely house the company for a long time.

In case you were wondering, Xiaomi currently rents the offices it needs to house its employees. In 2017, the company finally decided that it was time to purchase its own dedicated headquarters. The purchase and construction began in 2017, and the project is almost completed.

Founder Lin Bin shared a few images of the new buildings today and said he was proud. The founder of Xiaomi also mentioned that the company would move into the new headquarters very soon. It’s been reported that the company will be using the currently rented offices in Beijing along with the new HQ.

Xiaomi new HQ
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The new HQ is called Xiaomi Science and Technology Park. According to the tech news outlet Cnbeta, the project spans over 210,000 square meters with a total of 8 ginormous buildings.

Xiaomi is reportedly employing over 20,000 employees right now. Xiaomi desperately needed an HQ that could house this extremely large and ever-increasing workforce.

Enormous and Massive

However, housing a large number of employees and acting as the main operations base is not this HQ’s only purpose. It is reported that the new HQ will also serve as an in-house space or workshop where Xiaomi’s ecosystem partners can work more closely with the company and in a much more efficient manner.

These ecosystem partners develop top-class smart products with the help of Xiaomi. In return, Xiaomi’s products have an ever-flowing ecosystem that increases the value of their products. Being able to work in such an efficient manner will surely be fruitful for both sides.

The most interesting part about all this is that Xiaomi’s need is not yet stated. The company is reportedly building another HQ in Wuhan, China. It is the capital of Hubei province, an educational hub of the country. The Wuhan HQ will be dedicated solely to R&D on Artificial Intelligence. As you find out the background of the province, it makes more and more sense.

Hubei is known to house some of the most popular universities in China. Many of those universities are related to technology – specifically computer sciences, where AI is studied and learned massively.

Putting itself close to such an environment will help Xiaomi keep in communication with some of the most intelligent minds in the AI field and keep an eye on aspiring AI students who might make a difference with their genius minds and exceptional knowledge of the topic. The Wuhan HQ will surely boost Xiaomi’s R&D performance by a huge margin.

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