Xiaomi is pacing its operations pretty strongly in the coming future. We all know that the company is about to launch a new smartphone series. The Mi CC series is going to be the newest gem in Xiaomi’s lineup and might carry a flagship too. One of the most attended smartphones in the upcoming series is the Xiaomi Mi CC9. The Mi CC series is set to launch globally on 2 July 209. The Mi CC9 is also expected to be launched during the same event.

While we don’t know a lot about the smartphone as the official channels have remained close regarding it, we have been receiving rumors and leaks about the device’s design and performance. However, Xiaomi is also not refraining from dropping little teasers to keep the hype going.

Today, the company officially told through its Weibo account that the CC9 will come with a 32 MP selfie camera. That is a very impressive resolution for a front snapper. That is not all, the company also told that the selfie mode will feature an advanced beauty mode.

Xiaomi Mi CC9
Image Credits: www.weibo.com/2202387347/HAvvItwWL

So, what is this “Advanced Beauty Mode”? Well, let’s first see what Beauty Mode is. The post-processing application basically searches for faces in an image and beautifies them by manipulating its pixels.

The application removes wrinkles, acne, dark spots, black circles, and brightens up the lips among other things. The concept basically means that the smartphone is “photoshopping” your picture for you.

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Advanced Beauty Mode

There are quite a few problems with beauty modes. The main one being that it ruins the whole texture of the face and replaces it with a plan, soft, glowing skin. The image clearly looks overdone and it’s not really a good result to look at.

Then there are extreme beauty modes where the skin is basically turned powdery-white which makes it feel like a ghost’s face. When using the word “Advanced Beauty Mode” this is the problem that Xiaomi is promising to fix in their solution.

The Weibo post says that the Xiaomi Mi CC9 will shoot images that retain the “natural skin texture”. The post also uses the word “record the beauty of each moment”. We are unsure if Xiaomi is talking about a beautifying feature or a moving picture feature. At this point, it’s anyone guess. The wording is very tacky and a bit cringy too. However, we know that all this is related to the new filters that Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s mastermind co-founder, was talking about earlier this month.

Now, is this information enough to decide whether the Xiaomi Mi CC9 will be a great smartphone or not? Definitely not. Although, it does show that Xiaomi is trying to pack quite a bit of punch in its new smartphones to make sure they hit the global markets with a storm. We will definitely find out more about the Xiaomi Mi CC9 on the 2 July launch event. More news related the CC9 will surely follow soon, so stay tuned.

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