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Yes, we are always looking for passionate writers & contributors that love Android and mobile technology as much as we do. The Android Portal has also expanded it’s team for multiple categories like Smartphones, Tablet devices, News section and much more.

Write for The Android Portal

We require candidates possess:

  • Have in-depth knowledge about Android and current mobile era
  • Have passion for writing tech related stuff
  • Have enough power on English writing
  • Attitude with passion for learning new things
  • Should be able to create Videos for our YouTube channel (Wherever needed)

Why Should You Write For Theandroidportal

Writing an article and being contributor at theandroidportal will help you to get

  • More traffic to your site
  • SEO benefits & Do-follow Backlinks from author bio & relevant backlink from article
  • More readers

Guidelines for Submitting Guest Post

  • No Duplicate Content: All content should be pass through Copyscape, so it is recommended that you write unique content and send for publishing
  • No Self Promotions or Affiliate Links:  We do not allow any affiliate links or self-promotion in any article. However, if you wish, we will create an author profile for you where you can add your social profile and author bio will have a link to your website. We don’t allow linking to affiliate page or sales website(Contact us in such case)
  • Content length: It should be 1000+ Words on average. However, you should write as much information as particular topic requires.
  • Entire article should well write good paragraphs, proper punctuation, bullet points or bold, italic wherever necessary
  • Self-promotion: We ask our contributor to submit a genuine post, so we don’t allow any backlink or anything of that sort. However, you will get a chance to build a brand for yourself by working with us.
  • Copyright: We respect hard work done by everyone. In case, if we find any copyrighted post or image, you will be banned from submitting a new post and sometimes your contributorship at Theandroidportal will be revoked. Also by submitting your post at Theandroidportal, you are giving us copyright ownership of submitted content. So that we can deal with any DMCA related issues in future.
  • Only English content allowed

How to submit guest post

If you want to submit a guest post on theandroidportal.com, you should fill up below form with your post titles idea so that we will get in touch with you with more details.

    If we like your post ideas, we will approve it and create brand new contributor account for you. From where you can create a post and submit it on our website.

    (Note: We receive so many queries related to guest post. So We only reply to most relevant. However, you can read everything on this page and then submit this form to get faster response)