As we know that all the latest smartphone devices are coming with many of amazing feature and specs. The features like GPS system, WiFi, Hotspot, Bluetooth connectivity, USB support, Sensors and more. All features have their specified work to do. But, here we will go to discuss the feature of WiFi and some best point about it. WiFi is a feature by which the smartphone users can use the internet without any cost. But for that, the devices must be connected with particular WiFi networks. To connect your device to WiFi networks, by using WiFi scanning you can get a list of WiFi networks around you. But, it is limited up to some range. So, here we are going to discuss some WiFi Finder apps.

Best WiFi Finder Apps For Android

Yes, the discussion is on Best WiFi Finder apps. We know that within a city, there are so many FREE WiFi networks provided by hotel or government places. By using these apps, you can get the whole list of WiFi networks within your city or area. So, now take a closer look at the WiFi Finder apps and get a list of the networks and enjoy free internet anywhere you go.

1.) The Cloud WiFi Finder App:

The Cloud WiFi Finder app is a suitable app to find WiFi networks around you. By using this Wifi Finder app, you can get a lot of WiFi networks. The app is created with excellent user interface and is easy to use. This app has also a search panel at the top, provided to search your desired place.The Cloud WiFi Finder App

When you downloaded and installed this wifi hotspot finder app on your device, it also shows your current location on Google Map. The app can show more than 20,000 WiFi network locations within the UK. You can also share the address and contact number of particular WiFi network via Email, Facebook, and Twitter. It is easily compatible with all the devices.

Features of the Cloud WiFi Finder App:

  • Good UI and easy to use
  • Search panel for the desired search
  • Shows current location on Google map
  • Displays over the 20,000 WiFi network locations within the UK
  • easy sharing of WiFi location via Email, Facebook, and Twitter
Sky WiFi Finder
Sky WiFi Finder
Developer: The Cloud Networks
Price: Free

2.) Avast Wi-Fi Finder App:

The Avast Wi-Fi Finder app is an app which helps you to find the maximum WiFi location around of you. This Avast app is compatible with all the Android powered devices. This app also shows your current location on the map. It also shows that how many WiFi networks are in the range.Avast Wi-Fi Finder app

The list of nearby WiFi location is also provided by this app along with the distance of your current position. By using this app, you can also test the speed and security of that network with which you are connected. With the help of a search panel, you can also search your desired place.

Features of the Avast Wi-Fi Finder App:

  • Easily compatible with all the devices
  • Shows WiFi networks in range and nearby
  • Displays WiFi location along with the distance
  • Built-in features of Speed test and Security for network
  • Search panel to search desired want
Avast Wi-Fi Finder
Avast Wi-Fi Finder
Developer: Avast Software
Price: Free

3.) Open WiFi Finder App:

This Open WiFi Finder app is compatible with all the devices. This WiFi finder app can search all the nearest WiFi network locations quickly. It also shows that the each location is secured with the password or not. This is one of the easiest apps to use and find the WiFi networks for free.

Open WiFi Finder App

Features of the Open WiFi Finder app:

  • Compatible with all the devices
  • Quickly and easily find the WiFi networks
  • Shows the network is secured or not
Open WiFi Finder
Open WiFi Finder
Developer: Menge Bilder
Price: Free

4.) Free WiFi Finder App:

The Free WiFi Finder app allows you to find the nearby WiFi networks without using an internet connection. By using this app, you can save your data usage. It displays all the networks along with the info that it is free or secured. By using an option of Strong WiFi, you can sort out some connection as a strong wifi network.Free WiFi Finder App

By using this app, you can easily connect to another network if you want. This app will also allow you to create your Hotspot free. It will help you to share your mobile data with your friends and relatives.

Features of the Free Wifi Finder App:

  • Save data usage by using the app
  • Provide the list of all the free or secured WiFi networks nearby you
  • Can sort out the networks as Strong WiFi
  • Can create own Hotspot free
Free Wifi Finder
Free Wifi Finder
Developer: SoulApps
Price: Free

5.) WiFi Up App:

The WiFi Up app is designed with an excellent user interface. This is the app, which shows around of 20 million WiFi network locations within INDIA. By using this app, you can get the list of WiFi connection with only one click. It also provides WiFi Map. You can get all the free wifi connections with the feature of WiFi Map. This app can show you maximum wifi network connections around you.WiFi Up App

Some other features like Speed test, Signal boost and Safety test for each connection is also provided by the app. By using Speed test feature, you can check up the actual speed of a particular network. This app will also allow you to make your own Hotspot. With the help of Hotspot, you can easily share the mobile data connection with your friends. The WiFi Up wifi finder app is compatible with all of your android powered devices.

Features of the WiFi Up App :

  • Easy and Good UI
  • Over 20 million WiFi network locations within INDIA
  • Get list of WiFi connection by just a click
  • WiFi Map
  • Features of Speed test, Signal boost, and Safety test
  • Create your own Hotspot
  • Compatible with all of your devices

In the discussion, we have listed 5 best wifi finder apps for android. By using these apps you can easily find the wifi network location within range and nearby connections. All the apps work very well with all the Android powered devices. We hope that from above discussion, you can easily find the best WiFi finder app for your device.

If you use any other apps on your device, feel free to suggest your favorite WiFi finder apps in the comment section below. Do let us know which is your prefered best wifi app for android phone?

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