Day by day, there are so many new smartphones & tablet devices are launched. Nowadays, all the smartphone devices come with so many amazing features and specs. The features like more RAM, more internal memory, more battery power, updated processor, updated OS system, etc. Here, we are also discussing one of the best features. The feature is known as Clipboard. But, all the Android users should have one question that Where is the Clipboard on Android phone.

You might notice that when you are copying something on your smartphone, you can easily paste it. But when you are copying another thing, it will forget previously copied item on a clipboard. But by using this guide, you will be able to retrieve previously copied items too on your smartphone.

Whenever you are copying anything, you will see a message that says Text has been copied to a clipboard. But when you try to find clipboard or previously copied data, you will not be able to find it. Read below article to know copied data on the clipboard.

Where’s My Clipboard on Android Phone?

So, here we are going to be discussed some points about the Clipboard feature. First of all, we will discuss that this feature is what used for. The Clipboard is a storage location, which stores all the cut and copy text contents. It will store all the contents that have been copied by you in the Android device. The best thing about the Clipboard is that you can take all the contents once again whenever you want to use it.

But, the important thing is that you can not find clipboard location on your Android device. Because it does not come as a pre-installed. So now, the question is arise that how can Android users access to the Clipboard. But, do not worry about it, because we have the better solution about the location of a clipboard. The solution is, you can easily access to the Clipboard by using a third party android app. By using an app, you can easily enjoy the feature of Clipboard.

Sometimes while using Facebook, you might have observed that when you tap and hold on any post, it will be copied and says your text has been copied to a clipboard. But you will check where is clipboard on facebook app on android? Well, you can download and install app suggested below to see where is your clipboard and copied text from Facebook or any other app on your device.

Here, we have recommended the best clipboard app which called as Clipper – Clipboard Manager. So, now we will discuss the features of this Clipper app.

Clipper – Clipboard Manager App

If you are an Android user and have a query about where is the clipboard on an Android phone, then this app is an answer. The Clipper app is an app by which you can easily access to the clipboard manager on Android device. This app is easily available at the Google Play Store and is only for Android users. It is a very useful app, which comes with 4.3 user ratings out of 5.0.

The clipper app will automatically save all the contents which have been copying by you in your Android device. It also allows you to easy access. You can also copy that contents again by visiting the history of the app. The app will also provide the option of edit, move, pin, view, share and delete. By using Edit option, you can easily edit the existing contents. You can also move that contents to phone storage or memory storage.

If you are looking for how to copy and paste on android, this is a very good app to copy paste data better way.

Want to Use clipboard on android phone - Use Clipper app
accessing clipboard on android

It also allows you to share that copied contents to social networking sites, by using an option of share. It comes with a very easy user interface and also has notification facility. It also provides you with an easy way to easy access to app, by using a status bar of the device. The user reviews about this Clipper app is also very good.

Clipboard Features:

  • Retrieve previously copied data from clipboard history
  • Copy, paste, edit previously copied data
  • Smooth clipping organisation and editing
  • Check recommended clipboard apps for android

No need to find where is my clipboard on Android, just open the app, and you will find your data there. Download this useful clipboard history saver app for your Android smartphone from below.

Clipper - Clipboard Manager
Clipper - Clipboard Manager
Developer: rojekti
Price: Free