Here on theandroidportal, we always discuss android related news and guide. Today in this article, we are sharing some of the best Whatsapp tricks and tips that you can use on your Whatsapp on your Android smartphone. This way, you can use your Whatsapp like a pro and with more exciting features. Check out few of the Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks below.

WhatsApp Secret Tricks

How to Hide Last Seen, Profile Picture, and Status

With this WhatsApp feature, you will be able to hide your last seen, profile picture as well as WhatsApp status. Check below steps to hide WhatsApp last seen.

Hide Whatsapp Last Seen - Whatsapp Hidden Tricks

  • First of all, open Whatsapp in your smartphone
  • Now click on the “Setting” menu and open it
  • Select the “Account” option from setting menu
  • Now you have to choose “Privacy” option to set your privacy
  • Here you can set your last seen, profile picture and status

Please note that, if you are hiding your last seen status on your Whatsapp, you will also not be able to see last seen a status of other WhatsApp users. In short use below setting for whatsapp last seen tricks.

Go to >> Whats App >> Setting >> Account > > Privacy > > here you can set all status.

Whatsapp Turn Off Read Receipts

This is the most discussed feature in WhatsApp; this was recently implemented in the latest version of WhatsApp. The primary use of reading receipt is that user can check out if their last sent message was read by a recipient or not.

Whatsapp Disable Read Receipt

  • Open Whatsapp on your Android smartphone
  • Now go into “Setting” menu and Choose Account option
  • In the Account, you have to choose “Privacy” option
  • Now on the privacy page, you have to uncheck on the “Read Receipts” option to turn off read receipts feature on WhatsApp

In short use below setting

Manually >> Whats App >> Setting >> Account > > Privacy > > uncheck on the “Read Receipts” option.

Check When a Message was readWhen My Last Message Was Read on Whatsapp

With this feature, you can check, When a message was read by your recipient. Mainly above setting will also show you time when your last sent message was read by your recipient. 

  • Open Whatsapp messenger app on your android smart phone
  • Now Press and hold on a message, that you want to check
  • After pressing on the message, click on the “Info” button

Here a window will let you know when your message was the last read with date and time details.

Set up Popup Notifications and Reply Directly

With this feature, you can do reply directly from home screen. Yes, you might have checked that when a message comes from your default messaging app, you will notice a preview of your message on your home screen. You can do similar for your WhatsApp messages also.

Whatsapp Popup Notifications
Whatsapp Popup Notifications
  • Open WhatsApp application on your smartphone
  • Now open “Setting” menu in WhatsApp
  • Click on the “Notifications” option then select the “Popup Notification” option from notification menu
  • Now, you have to click on “Popup Notification” option to set pop-up notification on your Android smartphone
  • Here you have to choose {Only when screen “on”} option

In short, follow steps below.

Go to >> Whatsapp >> Setting >> Notifications > > Pop-up Notification > > Only when screen “on”.

Reduce Data Consumption from WhatsApp Calls

With this feature, you can set low data consumption during WhatsApp calls, so if you are on a limited data plan and have not set any limit for data usage, you can use this option, and your data consumption will be compressed and used less when you make a call through WhatsApp.

Reduce Data Consumption from WhatsApp Calls

  • Open WhatsApp in your phone
  • Select the “Setting” menu from WhatsApp
  • Now, you have to choose “Chat and Calls” option from setting menu
  • Scroll down and find “Low data usage” option and tick on it to on this feature

Go to >> Whatsapp >> Setting >> Chat and Calls > > Low data usage > > tick on the Low data usage option.

Hide Notification Preview of Messages

Hide Notification on whatsapp

With this feature, you can hide new message preview on the notification bar. You might have noticed that you are receiving a preview of messages on your notification bar, but if you want to hide them for your privacy reason, you can easily do that.

  • Go to home screen and select Setting icon in the menu bar
  • Scroll down and choose Application or App option from setting menu
  • In the App, you have to find Whatsapp Messenger in the list
  • Click on the WhatsApp option and find “Show Notification” option
  • Now you have uncheck on show notification option
  • It will ask you to confirm this action, and you have to click on the “Ok” button

Go to >> Phone >> Setting >> App >> ALL >> Whatsapp >> Show Notification option.

Set Custom Notification Tones for WhatsappNotification Tones for Whatsapp

You can set your custom WhatsApp notification tone for any of your contacts. So that whenever that person messages you, you will receive your custom notification tone, instead of regular one.

  • Open WhatsApp on your Android smartphone
  • Now select Contact to set custom notification
  • Open “Contact info” on WhatsApp messenger
  • Scroll down and find “Custom notification” option and open it
  • In the Customs notification page, you have tick on the “Use custom notifications” option
  • Here you can set custom notification and other notification feature

Go to >> Whatsapp >> Contact >> Contact Info >> Custom Notifications >> Use custom notifications >> Here you can set all types of notification feature

Hide WhatsApp Images from Gallery

This is the most discussed part of WhatsApp users who concerned about their privacy. You can simply follow these steps to hide your WhatsApp image from the gallery.

Hide Whatsapp Photos from Gallery

  • Open File Explorer in your Android smartphone
  • Go to SD card and select Whatsapp folder then open it
  • Now you have to do rename “Media” folder from WhatsApp folder

Rename “Media” to .“Media” then press ok. Only you have to put a dot before the folder name.

Note: If you want to show WhatsApp media in a gallery. Only you have to remove the dot from folder name. But before completing this action, you need the best file explorer for showing hide file in the sd card because after changing folder name it will be hidden automatically on a sd card.

Change your Whatsapp NumberChange Your WhatsApp Phone Number

Do you know that you can also change your Whatsapp number without installing or uninstalling Whatsapp from your smartphone?  From setting option, you will be able to migrate your WhatsApp account to another phone number keeping all WhatsApp chats and messages as it is.

You can follow setting to change your default WhatsApp number.

  • Open your Whatsapp messenger
  • Go to Menu > Setting from there
  • Go to account > Click on change number
  • You will need to enter your old phone number and enter your new WhatsApp number there and click on done.

You will receive verification on your updated WhatsApp number to verify it, once you verify it you will have your new number on your WhatsApp account.

Migrate Chat data from one smartphone to another

In recent WhatsApp update version, they are allowing backup and restore WhatsApp data using Google Drive backup. How to save WhatsApp backups on Google Drive

All you need to do is configure your Whatsapp to back up over Google drive and have SD card inserted in it. Once you have done click on the backup you can remove your SD card and insert that into other devices. Check below video published on YouTube to learn more about backup and restoring Whatsapp chat on Google drive.

Now install WhatsApp on it and Whatsapp will automatically detect backup from your SD card and restore WhatsApp chats from SD card to your new device.

Send Private Messages in Bulk (BCC Whatsapp messages)

This is an interesting feature in Whatsapp, that you can send bulk WhatsApp messages to recipients without knowing each recipient. You can send a private message in bulk using WhatsApp to multiple recipients. This feature is called as Whatsapp broadcast feature.

  • Click on Whatsapp option
  • From there select new broadcast
  • Enter name of contacts one by one to which you want to send private messages
  • Tap on Create and you have done

From now, whenever you type a new message to the broadcast list, all your recipient will receive the same message and interesting thing is that each of your recipients will never know that you have forwarded the same message to other recipients. Each one will receive that message as a private message.

Create Homescreen Shortcut for your Favorite Chat

This is another important feature that you can add shortcut to any WhatsApp contact on your home screen for quick chatting and conversation. You don’t have to open WhatsApp each time and select that recipient, all you need to do is add that favorite contact to your home screen and whenever you click on it, its personal message on WhatsApp will be opened. To create WhatsApp chat shortcut, follow steps below

  • Open your WhatsApp & tab on chats tab
  • Now tap and hold the conversation or recipient you want to create shortcut for
  • You will find a list of option will be there
  • Select add conversation shortcut option from there
  • You will notice a shortcut displaying that person’s contact picture will be appearing on your home screen.

From now, whenever you click on that contact icon, you will be jumped straight to your WhatsApp chatting and you can start chatting with him/her.

Mute Annoying Messages

If you are added to any group and recipients will keep messaging all days and you want to read them later and want to get disturbed now. You can do this by keeping any conversation in mute mode.

Mute annoying WhatsApp group chats

To mute any group chats, you will need to follow steps mentioned below.

  • Go to WhatsApp group chat tab you want to mute
  • Now tap on the options icon at the top right
  • Tap on mute option and select time until you want to mute for

You can also uncheck show notification box so that you will never hear from that group again until you want to receive notification for.

Backup & Restore Whatsapp Conversation

This is a most important thing when you are trying to format your device, you are worried about loosing your chat data and conversation. But you can easily backup and restore your WhatsApp conversation using below steps.

Your WhatsApp conversation will be backed up on your SD card, you can retrieve it after formatting or installing new WhatsApp on your device automatically.

Lock Your Whatsapp

If you are concerning about your online privacy on WhatsApp, you can also do that. Dy default, you can add a lock to your smartphone from setting option, but if you want to only lock your WhatsApp messenger, you can easily do this with the use of Messenger and Chat Lock that help you to lock Facebook and Whatsapp messages on your smartphone.

Messenger and Chat Lock

Feature of Messenger and Chat Lock

  • You can lock Gmail, Whatsapp, Facebook or any messaging apps that you want
  • Free to download from Google Play store
  • Enter your PIN and you have done


Change Whatsapp Font Size

Change Whatsapp Font Size

If you prefer to have big fonts on your WhatsApp instead of small fonts, you can also customize your fonts on your WhatsApp. You can also shrink your WhatsApp fonts if you wish, follow these steps to proceed with

  • Open your WhatsApp and go to setting
  • Now tap on chat & tap on font size
  • Choose your preferred font size and you have done

You can set WhatsApp font size depending on your choice and criteria using this method.

Change Whatsapp Background Image

This is also another interesting option helps help you to change your default WhatsApp background. You can also set custom wallpaper or background that you like most, so it will start appearing on each WhatsApp chat as background. To change WhatsApp background, follow these steps

Whatsapp Background Wallpaper

  • Open whatsapp setting option
  • Click on chat > go to wallpaper
  • Tap on whatsapp to download your whatsapp wallpaper pack or new window to select your favorite image from your device.
  • Select your favorite wallpaper and you have done

See below video tutorial on how easily you can change your Whatsapp wallpaper.

Recover your Deleted Whatsapp Messages

Usually, WhatsApp take backup of each message on daily 4 AM, so if you have deleted any message by mistake and want to recover your deleted WhatsApp message, you can restore it before next auto backup occurs. Follow the steps below to recover your WhatsApp messages

  • First of all, remove WhatsApp from your device by uninstalling it.(use cleanmaster for quick removal)
  • Download WhatsApp and install it again
  • Verify your WhatsApp and it will find your backup from your device. You will also get notified that we have found WhatsApp backup, do you want to restore it or not.
  • Tap on Restore option to retrieve your deleted messages back on your WhatsApp.

Check out below video guide to recover your deleted Whatsapp messages.

Use 2 Whatsapp on Same Android Device

You can use two WhatsApp account on the same device. For that, you can use GBWhatsapp like apps that help you to use multiple WhatsApp on same device.

You can alternatively use Parallel Space – Multiple accounts & Two face android app, that helps you to clone any app that you want to use on the same device with multiple ID.

Use Whatsapp from Computer

Do you know, you can also use WhatsApp from your computer? For that, you even don’t need any software like Whatsapp for PC or something. You also not have to install any software that help you to use Whatsapp on pc. That feature is called as Whatsapp Web, you can use it from below steps.

  • Open browser and go to
  • You will find bar code there to scan. From your phone, click on whatsapp menu and select whatsapp web option
  • Scan that bar code from your whatsapp option
  • And you will be able to check your whatsapp messages from your browser

Archive or Unarchive your WhatsApp Chats

Archive WhatsApp Chat

  • Select the conversation that you want to archive
  • Now Long Press on selected conversation and then tap on Archive icon on the top right side of the screen

Unarchive WhatsApp Chat

  • Go to the WhatsApp Home screen
  • Scroll down to the bottom, and select “Archived chats” option and open it
  • Now Long Press on the chat that your want to unarchive
  • Then tap on “Unarchive” icon on the top right side of the screen to restore chat

Read more about archive & unarchive WhatsApp chat from here. You can also check out below video to know step by step guide on archiving or unarchiving WhatsApp messages on android.

Tag people on WhatsApp Group

Tagging peoples on Facebook? You know this thing. But do you know? You can tag someone in WhatsApp group just by using following steps.

To Tag friend or any member of WhatsApp Group use the (@) symbol. First, type the @ symbol the type Name of your friend and message
( e.g. @Joan Happy Bday bro… )

Save Data on WhatsApp calls

Now you can save more Internet data on Your WhatsApp Calls, To set low data usage:

  • Open Whatsapp > Settings.
  • Select “Data usage” option
  • Scroll down and enable “Low data usage” option under the Call Settings section

This will save your data when you make WhatsApp call and you are using your mobile data.

Mail Complete Chat

On the WhatsApp, you can also Mail Complete WhatsApp chat via Email. it helps you to export your particular whatsapp chat and send it via email to someone.  To Mail Complete WhatsApp Chat, follow the steps.

  • Open WhatsApp on your Android smartphone
  • Now open conversation that you want to Mail
  • Tap on Menu button on the top right side of the screen
  • Select “More” option from the appeared box
  • Then tap on “Email chat” option

This will open your Gmail account associated with the device. Now follow Onscreen instruction like “Attach Media” and Without Media then complete the action.

Invite Someone to Group via Public Link

Now you can also invite any people to join your Group via Public link. If Admin of Whatsapp group allow you, then only you can seeWhatsapp group invitation link, or you should be admin of the specified group to get group joining link.

  • Tap on Group to open it
  • Then tap on “Add Participant.”
  • choose “Invite to Group via link” option
  • From the here, you can Share Invite link, Copy and Revoke.

Check out below video to know how you can easily invite someone using WhatsApp group invitation link.

Send Blank and Empty Messages

By using your WhatsApp app, you can also send Blank messages to your friend or any other family member

To Send Blank and Empty messages use the (`) symbol three times
( e.g. “` Space Key“`) here you have to tap Space key to leave the blank space and then Send

Send Formatted Text

To send Bold Message on Whatsapp, use the (*) symbol
(e.g. *Hey Dear* ) and then tap on Send

For Italic Text on Whatsapp use the ( _ ) Symbol
(e.g. _Hey Dear_ ) and then tap on Send

To type strikethrough text on Whatsapp or message use the (~) symbol
(e.g. ~Hey dear~ ) then tap Send button

Share anything with multiple people

  • Long Press on the message that you want to share with multiple friends (Android)
  • Then tap on Share icon on the top bar of the screen
  • Now select your friends from the appeared list and then tap on big green “Right” icon button to share with multiple friends

Reply to any particular message

Now you can also reply to any specific message on your WhatsApp application. Only you have to long press on the message that you want to send the reply.

#For Android

  • Long Press on the message
  • Then tap on “Reply icon” on the top of the screen
  • Now you can type and send

#For iPhone

  • Long Press on the message
  • then choose reply option from the appeared option bar
  • Now type your reply and send it

Check out below video to find out more WhatsApp tricks that you can also use.

3D Touch for iPhone users

Now you can use the 3D touch effect to preview the recently received messages by Long pressing on it. This feature is only available for iPhone users. If you have any version of iPhone device like iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7 and above then you can use it. The Android Operating system does not support any types of 3D Touch features like iPhone devices.

Here in this article, we have discussed about few of the Whatsapp Hidden Tricks that help you to use your whatsapp like a pro user. However if you want to set any feature on whatsapp but don’t know how to do that? you can always ask us here in the comment section or in the Whatsapp forum section.


  1. One more trick. If you want to migrate chat history between android and iphone, download a tool called Backuptrans on your pc to help.

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