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AI or artificial intelligence, this word is too much in trend in advanced technology development. In general terms, AI means how to teach a computer to think and learn like human beings. This thinking and learning process can be done in many ways, such as speech recognition, image recognition, face scanning, and machine learning.

Do we sound complex with the above statement? Well, let me tell you, in today’s article we will be discussing AI cameras in the easiest way possible. Like what is an AI-powered smartphone camera? What is the work of this camera? You will get all your answers after reading this post. So, without too much ado, let’s start with the main content.

What Is An AI-powered Smartphone Camera?

AI-Powered Smartphone Camera

AI cameras are simple cameras with AI programs that deal wisely with your images and videos. Computational photography is the heart and core of the AI-powered smartphone camera.

The subject of computational photography is generally divided into two subsets: first is the technology that tries to mimic like humans such as voice recognition, face or image recognition, etc. And the second one is code or machine learning.

Well, in simple words, AI cameras work like image editing or photoshop. In other words, these advanced cameras help you in saving your time by smartly performing the requisite image processing.

What Is AI software?

AI comes up with the latest software technology that is much in trend, especially for smartphones. Software is crucial for smartphones because they are the backbone of optics. So, we have seen the rise of computational photography that tries to increase an optical zoom function.

Top brand smartphones come with dual-lens cameras, but Google Pixel 3 uses a single-lens camera but with computational photography features. The purpose is to help you zoom your vision easily and add various effects to it.

What Is Computational Photography?

What Is The AI-Powered Smartphone Camera? 1

Computational photography is basically a digital image processing technique that uses algorithms to replace the optimal process. It improves the quality of your image by using machine vision to identify the real content of the image.

What’s Depth Sensor And Blurry Backgrounds?

Instagram users love to play with blurry backgrounds. In recent years, we have noticed that many smartphones with dual camera setup use two lenses to click the best quality images with blurry background around the main subject. However, now, instead of using a dual-lens camera or a DSLR, AI can easily do that for you.

The resulting blurring effect is commonly called the bokeh effect (Japanese for blur). With this effect machine learning identifies the subject and blurs the rest of the image. So, with the help of bokeh using AI-based algorithm, we can create an effect that is very much similar to your portrait effect.

The latest Android smartphones allow you to do this while taking photos with either the rear or the front camera. The bokeh effects are really good, but you don’t get the true blur as you get with a DSLR camera.

What Is The Purpose Of AI-Powered Smartphone Camera?

Like DSLRs expertise creates different types of images in the same way AI is the technology which adds effects and capabilities to the more advanced images. Well, it does not mean that Photoshop and Lightroom will be defunct. This is because AI is the complementary technology that edits your images without losing its original quality.

Furthermore, AI-Powered Smartphone Camera is quickly becoming an overused term in the world of photography because now AI can only appear in the smartphone cameras and it is also possible that after some time it may compete with the DSLR camera.

AI seems to change our view like how to take photos. Not only that, but it could soon use subscription plans for editing and curating our previous library.


So, that’s the full guide related to AI-Powered Smartphone Camera. I hope you understood how AI-Powered Smartphone Camera is changing the vision of your images.

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