Watch your favourite TV shows on Netflix with the latest audio and video technology. With this latest audio and video technology, your sound and video will be like you’re right in the middle of the show.

You only need a Netflix subscription to enjoy the latest and greatest on Netflix. This blog will focus on what 5.1 means on Netflix and how to get the best sound and video.

What Does 5.1 Mean On Netflix?

If you’re wondering what the “5.1” means on Netflix, it indicates that the audio system can surround sound. To take full advantage of this feature, you’ll need a Netflix-capable device with 5.1 support, and you’ll need to make sure your streaming quality is set to Medium, High, or Auto.

With all of that in place, you can enjoy your favourite shows and movies with enhanced audio that will help immerse you in the experience.

There are many different surround sound formats, but the most common are 5.1, 7.1, and ATMOS.

5.1 is the most common and most often seen on movies and TV shows available via Netflix or any streaming service, as it’s the format that most closely resembles traditional movie theatres.

This means there are 5 speakers around you, much like in a theatre, with the front left and right speakers in front of your couch. The centre channel speakers behind you in the back of your couch, and two surround speakers on either side of your couch or either side.

As such, when viewing this show or movie, you can hear all five speakers in your home theatre system: front left, front right, centre speaker for dialogue, surround left and right for the music, and sound effects in the back of your room.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to stream with 5.1 surround sound?

To get the most immersive sound experience when streaming, you’ll want to make sure you have 5.1 surround sound set up.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A sound card that supports 5.1 surround sound
  • 5.1 speakers or headphones
  • A stable internet connection

With these three things in place, you’ll be able to enjoy all your favourite streaming content with full, rich surround sound.

Does Netflix have a 5.1 test?

Netflix does have a 5.1 test, but it’s not activated by default. You need to go into the settings of your account and turn on “5.1 surround.” This option is usually hidden away, so be sure to look for it! When you enable 5.1 surround sound, any movie or TV show you watch will automatically play in 5.1 stereos and Dolby Digital Plus 6 channels (if available).

Where are the audio settings on Netflix?

If you’re wondering where the audio settings are on Netflix, never fear – they’re effortless to find.

Start playing any TV show or movie, then look for the audio icon in the player control bar. When you hover over the icon, you’ll see a slider pop up – slide the control knob to the top to turn the volume up. And that’s all there is to it!

How do I get Dolby Digital on Netflix?

Dolby will give you a much fuller and richer sound that will bring your movies and TV shows to life.

Fortunately, it’s easy to get Dolby Digital on Netflix. All you need to do is go into the audio and subtitles menu at the top of the screen and change the audio from stereo to surround sound 5.1. You can also switch your AV receiver to surround sound if it has that setting. This will automatically modify the settings within the Netflix app on most devices.

Once you have Dolby Digital on Netflix, you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite content in a whole new way. The sound will be much fuller and richer, and you’ll be able to appreciate the subtleties in the audio that you may have missed before. So make the switch today and enjoy a better Netflix experience.

How do I get 5.1 sound on my TV?

TVs’ most common audio outputs are optical digital and HDMI ARC connections. To connect a TV to a surround sound system, connect your TV’s audio output to the sound system’s input. If you’re using an optical digital audio output, you’ll need a digital optical cable. If you’re using an HDMI ARC connection, you can use a standard HDMI cable.

Once you’ve made the connection, your TV will be able to output sound to the surround sound system, providing you with enhanced audio.

Is 5.1 audio better?

There is a lot of debate about whether 5.1 audio is better than stereo. Some say that 5.1 offers a more immersive experience, while others argue that stereo is just as good.


  • A more immersive experience
  • Better for movies and select TV content


  • Not all music is mixed in 5.1
  • Some people prefer stereo

It comes down to personal preference. If you want the most immersive audio experience possible, 5.1 is the way to go.

However, if you’re mostly listening to music, then stereo might be just fine.

Is 5.1 or 7.1 better?

The choice between a 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound system depends on a few factors. The size of your room is a big factor. The 7.1 system will provide a better listening experience if you have a large room.

The 7.1 system offers a deeper surround sound, which is great for movies or gaming. Another thing to follow is the type of media you will be using. Theatre quality media is designed for a 7.1 system and will sound better than on a 5.1 system.

So, you have a large room and want the best possible sound quality, and a 7.1 system is the way to go. But if you’re on a budget or have a smaller room, a 5.1 system will still provide excellent sound quality.

Is surround sound good for music?

If you’re a music lover, you’ve probably wondered if surround sound is worth the investment. After all, the stereo sound is pretty great already. But is surround sound worth the extra money?

The short answer is: it depends. Surround sound isn’t necessary if you’re primarily a listener who wants to enjoy their music. But if you’re someone who cares about audio quality, surround sound can make a big difference.

Here’s the rundown of the pros and cons of surround sound for music:


1. Increased clarity and detail

When you listen to music in surround sound, you’ll be able to hear all the little details you might’ve missed with stereo sound. This can improve your listening experience, especially if you’re listening to complex or subtle music.

2. Improved immersion

With stereo sound, you tend to hear the music coming from the left and right speakers. But with surround sound, the sound is coming at you from all directions. This can create a more immersive listening experience, making it feel like you’re right in the middle of the action.

3. Greater sense of space

Surround sound can also give you a greater sense of space. With stereo sound, everything feels more close and intimate. But with surround sound, you can get a sense of the size and scope of the music. This can be especially effective with live albums, where you can feel like you’re right there in the venue.


1. Can be expensive

You must invest cash if you want a great surround sound system.

Is a soundbar better than speakers?

If you want to improve your TV’s audio quality, you might wonder whether a soundbar or surround sound speakers are the better option.

While a soundbar can enhance the audio on your TV, surround sound speakers often produce the highest-quality audio. Even the most expensive soundbars typically cannot match the expansive soundstage provided by speaker systems.

Plus, with surround sound speakers, you’ll have the flexibility to place the speakers around the room to create the perfect listening experience.

Are 5.1 soundbars worth it?

A 5.1 soundbar is worth considering. This type of system typically includes a front left, front right, front centre, surround (back) right, surround (back) left, and a separate subwoofer, which all work together to create a more realistic and three-dimensional soundscape.

Not only will you be able to hear your favourite movies and TV shows come to life, but you’ll also be able to enjoy your music collection like never before. If you have the budget for it, we say go for it!


So, now you know what 5.1 means on Netflix. If you’re still wondering what it is, we leave this blog post for you to read and explore!

In short, 5.1 refers to the audio track and the spatial quality at that time – when watching a movie or show with a surround sound system. If you love movies as much as we do, this might be the best update in years!

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