A mobile application is always a big investment, so almost every customer can doubt something or even express concerns. In this article, we have collected the most common fears of customers and explained what to do with them. We have also paid attention to android application development services and their importance for custom top-notch projects. Let’s start!

In brief, there are four main customers’ fears:

  • The inappropriate technical solution
  • Lack of team control
  • Money wasting
  •  Missed deadlines

The inappropriate technical solution

It often happens when the company that orders the application development has not dealt with this process. Yet, the fact is that any technical solution that development teams own allows for solving certain business problems.

Native, cross-platform, and web development are several technological approaches. They allow you to:

● achieve the same goals;

● get a result that is approximately similar in quality and characteristics.

What should the customer do?

1. Discuss with a potential contractor the requirements he has for the product, and compare the pros and cons of the technologies the team offers. The choice of a technology stack for specialists is determined either by what they historically started working with and what they have gained experience in, or by a subjective opinion about which solution is of better quality. Cross-platform development is often not worse than native, the Inoxoft experts say.

2. The risk of making a mistake with the technology exists, but you should not get hung up on it. It is of little relevance for classic projects with no high load, large databases, and specific functions. If there are doubts about a technical issue, we recommend collecting more information from various companies so that you can compare offers and choose the best one. If the project has specific requirements, then the presence of a technically savvy specialist on the part of the customer will be useful.

Lack of team control

It may seem that you will pay for the work and what will happen to the development further, you will not know or understand. Or it seems to you that if you do not see the process, then it does not happen. This is about money and trust when it seems that no one but the customer knows about the product.

What should the customer do?

At the contractor selection stage, evaluate the experience of relevant projects and feedback from people who collaborate with the team. Moreover, the portfolio does not have to be identical to your product; it is enough to see the implementation of similar functionality and understand that the team knows how to work for results and release projects to the market. This allows you to reduce your risks.

The project is usually developed in stages, so at the agreement stage, it is worth discussing with the contractor the format for providing intermediate results and reports. We also need to clarify how the team has debugged production processes. By themselves, specialists can be strong, but if their work is not connected in a single cycle, then the result will be bad.

As a rule, communication is established with the development team’s manager (project manager, account manager, in different studios in different ways). Do not be afraid to ask them any questions. The fewer these misunderstandings, the better the result will be, and a conscientious performer will strive for productive communication.

In addition, it works both ways. The team may also question your product. Developers may have experience in implementing similar projects and know which mechanics, approach, or interface detail will play better in the application. However, the specifics of the particular idea, brand, product, and its characteristics need the customer’s expertise. Therefore, effective workflow appears only when they are mutually involved in the development of the application.

Money wasting

Application development is an expensive project, where amounts start from hundreds of thousands and on average, several million rubles. Many customers are not ready to work with teams in the Time & Materials format when they are paid for hours spent on development.

They prefer to work in the Fix Price & Fix Time format when the terms and cost of the project at the initial stage and the functionality that will be implemented within this framework are outlined. Even with this work format, the fear, and risk of budget drain remain. There are cases when the team for some reason, incorrectly estimates the project and is subsequently forced to ask or even demand a request for additional payment for those things that were misestimated.

What should the customer do?

To ensure the contract and the wording in it. So the client will be able to see the intermediate result more often and correlate the funds spent with the result obtained. In addition, it is important to evaluate the rates of specialists and preliminary estimates at the presale stage and compare the data with the market. The cheapest and most expensive proposals should usually be alarming, but estimates that vary within 20% in one direction or another most likely correspond to the real cost of the project.

Missed deadlines
Timing is the second question that comes up after cost. Fixing the deadline is an integral part of it. Development can be slow for various reasons. For example, processes can slow down when only one specialist works on the project. The studio can pledge minimal resources, making it financially more profitable for the customer. However, then the functionality is implemented for longer. Other companies will appreciate the labor of several specialists, and this will increase productivity. Yet, at the same time, the project’s budget will also arise.

What should the customer do?

To avoid misunderstandings about the development speed, do not forget to indicate the deadline and fix it in the contract. The terms of the contract govern failure to meet deadlines.


The mobile application development market is booming, and there is currently a high demand for the development of specialized applications for various purposes. As open-source technologies, Android and iOS are flexible for developing powerful applications. Inoxoft provides quality mobile application development services. Their assistance will help you avoid the difficulties mentioned in the article.

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