We know that every website and web page have their link or URL related to itself. In which, some web page has long URL and some have short URL. With the short link or URL, there is no problem to keep remembering it. But, there is the only issue with the Long link of the particular contents. So, there is any option to remember the long URL quickly? Yes, if you convert that long link into the short link, then you can remember it. But, how to convert it? So, here we have the solution for it, and that is URL Shortener Android app.

URL Shortener Android App

The URL Shortener app can easily convert the long link into the short link. This URL Shortener app is available for all the Android device user on the Google Play Store. You can download this app without paying even a single money because it is a free app. It is easily compatible with all the Android based smartphones as well as tablets. This Android app has such a real users review ratings which are about 4.5 out of 5.0.

The URL Shortener Android app is one of the fastest apps to shorten URLs. But, to use the app, first of all, you have to sign in with the Google account. This app converts the long URL into fewer characters. It makes easy to share that long link in the form of short. With the short URL, you can easily tweet it and email it to others. It will be able to convert all kinds of the long link into shortened link. This app also allows you to access to the analytics of the short URL along with the raw click counts.

URL Shortener Android App 1

With the help of this app, you can easily visit your history. It also offers you to get analytics reports of any short URL. It provides a facility of the star to your favourite URL for easy future access. By using the app, you can also generate QR Codes. It also permits you to share the QR codes with your group.

URL Shortener Android App 2

In short, this app is very useful for those, who are daily connected with the world of the internet. This app will save your valuable time by converting the URL into fewer characters. If this discussion helps you, then also share it with the needy of it. Also, leaves your remark regarding the discussion.

URL Shortener
URL Shortener
Developer: Thomas Devaux
Price: Free
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