Since last decades, we have witnessed such amazing technology in terms of smartphones, tablets, PC, TVs, and more. As the time passes, the technology also develops, and nowadays there are smartwatches are also available. Due to the smart features of the smartwatches, it has become one of the popular devices among all. It lets you allow to do the same job as a smartphone. Till now, many of the smartphone manufacturers have launched smartwatches. And, some of them are in the queue to launch. So, here is the list of Best Upcoming Smartwatches 2018.  

The Upcoming Smartwatches which are going to mention here are expected to launch in this year 2018. Also of that, the launch date and features are even expected based on the rumor. So, there may some change in final launching date. For that, you have to wait until the manufacturer’s official announcement relevant to the smartwatch. So, now take a look at the list of Upcoming Smartwatches 2018.

Upcoming Smartwatches 2018

Here, in the list, we will mention the best Upcoming Smartwatches to be expected launched in 2018. The major smartphone manufacturer will introduce them. In this guide, you will get an idea of some amazing features of the Upcoming Smartwatches 2018.

Upcoming Smartwatches 2018

OnePlus Smartwatch

Excepting OnePlus, there is mostly all major smartphone manufacturer already have launched smartwatches. As the current smartphone market is gone high with the launch of OnePlus 5, what’s the next step from them? We might expect OnePlus Smartwatch later on this year. It would be known as OnePlus Smartwatch. As they never compromise with the smartphone features, we can expect much more with their smartwatch.

In terms of design, you may get watch dial with a circular design containing many of the sensors. It might come with a metal design having water-resistant technology up to certain depth. Till now, the company has not announced anything but this is what we expect and what the rumor says.

Microsoft Surface Watch

We all have seen the result when you choose the different OS rather than choosing Android. If you want to know more about this, no one can tell you except Nokia and Microsoft. But, with their strong technology, Microsoft is now coming to the attention of many people around the World. And, again to leave a strong impact, Microsoft is ready for the Microsoft Surface Watch. According to the few reliable sources and rumors, the prototype of the device has already been ready. For more experiment, now it is in the testing.

If we are talking about the features, then they are yet to be launched. But, what we have to share with you is that the body will be made from Oxynitride Aluminum. As they always prefer square rather than a circle, the watch dial will be having a square design. Based on the news, the device will go to the floor later in 2018.

Sony Smartwatch 4

After a massive success of Sony Smartwatch 3, what should be the next step by Sony for the smartwatch? Before we thinking anything about it, they are looking for to launch a successor of Smartwatch 3. Based on few references, Sony is looking to launch it in 2018. There are many rumors regarding it, but for a perfect info, we must have to wait for the official announcement.

If we discuss some expected features of Sony Smartwatch 4, then it will be having GPS system with more accuracy. It might be featured with the Android Pay option. This feature will let you allow to pay anywhere anytime with just a few touches. It might resist water and dust like their previous smartphone devices.

You may see a fast charging technique with Sony Smartwatch 4. You might have a built-in speaker for enhanced communication experience. The sources also suggest that this time the watch will be having a slimmest design.

Google Smartwatch

Google is a mother place for all Android users as it is always looking forward to providing something special. After tasting the success of Google Pixel 2 smartphone, now Google might do preparation for next launch. The next launch by Google is might be Google Smartwatch having two variant, Angelfish, and Swordfish. Both this wearable smartwatch might have a bundle of features. Let’s have a look at the expected features of both, Angelfish, and Swordfish smartwatch.

The Angelfish will have a size of 42 mm and 46 mm. It might have GPS, LTE support, and Heart Rate Monitor. The Android Wear 2.0 OS may drive this smartwatch. The OS will be same for both the device. For the further info, we all have to wait until an official announcement come. The sources also suggest that the price difference also matters. The Angelfish might be a high-end device, while Swordfish will be cheaper.

HTC Halfbeak

The HTC is also one of the popular smartphone impressions. Alongside smartphones, they are also looking to launch the smartwatch. The title of the device is not confirmed yet, but it may come with HTC Halfbeak name. Although HTC has not revealed anything about it, so this is what few sources have suggested. They also have confirmed that this smartwatch will go on the floor later on 2in8.

This HTC Halfbeak may come with an OLED display with 360 x 360 pixels resolution. To get to know about the screen protection, you will have to wait till the official announcement. Based on the leaked images, the Halfbeak will be having a circular dial. It may contain heart rate monitor that will help you to monitors the heartbeat.

Huawei Watch 2

Huawei has already launched a smartwatch as Huawei Watch. Now, as a successor of it, they may look forward to launching Huawei Watch 2. The design of  Huawei Watch 2 may be quite different and attractive than the predecessor. It may feature a premium quartz watch having a simple dial. There is no any official announcement has been made by the Huawei. So, to have a proper feature details regarding the watch, we will have to wait till that.

But, what we expect is the design and features will be a unique compared to the previous one. It also let them allow to makes a strong competition with the other smartwatches.

Motorola Moto 360 3 (3rd gen.)

Motorola Moto 360 3 will also be the strong contender for other smartwatches. As it will be having some of the classic features, they may win this smartwatches battle. The predecessor Moto 360 2 has also got some great response from the users. And, now to make more acknowledgment around the World, they might be looking to launch Moto 360 3. This Moto smartwatch will offer many of the features as discussed below.

An Android Wear 2.0 will be the OS for this successor of Motorola Moto 360 3. will feature a 1.4-inch display with the screen resolution of 420 x 360 pixels. It will have 1 GB RAM and 4 GB ROM memory along with Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear chip. This device will also support mostly all the connectivity features for the enhanced connectivities. It might sport with a battery around 600 mAh power.

So, these are the Best Upcoming Smartwatches 2018. All of them are expected to launch in 2018. The features we have discussed in the guide may change with the launched variant. For that, you have to follow the official announcement of the particular impression.

Do also let us know your view on the guide whether it is handy or not.

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