How To Turn on Hotspot on iPhone

Activating hotspot on iPhone may help you in many ways. Suppose you are travelling outside with your iPhone 6s and with Macbook. You want to work on your macbook but due to no internet connectivity, you stuck working offline. It would be a great option to switch your 3G (or 4G) internet connection from the iPhone to the iPad or MacBook? You can try activating Hotspot on iPhone 6s and use it on your macbook and stay online with your work.

Activating hotspot on iPhone is also helpful in case, if you want to use your iphone’s connection with your laptop or iPad but you don’t trust about using public wifi network with your laptop or tablet. You have not to worry about such case in future, because you can use your existing iPhone as a hotspot and you can share your iPhone’s connection to your laptop or iPad.Here in this article, we are going to discuss about how you can Turn on Hotspot on iPhone easily.

How to Turn Your iPhone Into a Hotspot

iPhone Hotspot App Without Jailbreak
iPhone Hotspot App Without Jailbreak

Step 1 : Open you iphone’s “Setting” menu

Step 2 : Now enable your Cellular data connection, that will be used as your internet service provider. Make sure you have unlimited data plan activated on your card.

Personal Hotspot iPhone 6
Personal Hotspot iPhone 6

Step 2 : Then scroll down and Select “Personal Hotspot” option in the Setting

Step 3 : In the “Personal Hotspot” Slide the enable switch to on this feature

iPhone Hotspot AT&T
iPhone Hotspot AT&T

Step 4 : After enabling this hotspot feature, set a hotspot password, so that you can prevent your hotspot used by unauthorized users.

Note : To set your Hotspot password, you have to type at least eight characters includes num or alphabets

Step 5 : Click on the done button, after typing password and you have done it.

Now your Personal Hotspot is ready to use, with this Hotspot you can connect laptop or tablet and ipad. All you need to do is switch on your WiFi connection from your laptop and search for WiFi. Once you find it, connect it with your password you created earlier, so that you will be able to use internet using your iPhone’s hotspot.

Last Updated On: March 10, 2016

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