Our smartphones are crucial to us in this day and age. It seems like wherever we go, we have a smartphone in our hands. If you’re a business person, you’re probably really glued to your phone, constantly communicating with the people you work with.

However, you probably aren’t using your smartphone to its full potential if you are simply making calls and answering emails for your business. There are ways you can use your phone to make your workday more convenient or even make some extra cash, though, that you might not even have thought of yet! Here, we are going to take a look at some ideas.

Create a Second Line

The last thing that many of us want to do is to give out our personal phone numbers to clients. After all, the minute that number is on a business card, you’ll probably get calls at all hours of the day and night. The bigger your business gets, the worse these calls will get. Buying a second phone for business, though, can be a big expense.

Instead, try adding a second line to your phone – it isn’t as complicated as you might think. The easiest way to do this nowadays is to use an app.

One such example is the app FLEX. With this app, you can add up to 5 numbers on a single device. It uses a cellular network, so you don’t have to depend on WiFi like some similar apps. In addition, it starts at a cost of $6.99 a month – much more manageable than owning a second phone altogether.

Accept Payments Through Your Phone

You can also get your phone more directly involved in your business by setting it up so that you can accept payments from clients directly. There are a few ways that you can do this but by far the most popular method is to use The Square.

The Square is becoming more and more widely used in small businesses. You simply plug it into your phone and use the app to accept payments. It can be used to take swipe cards, chips, and contactless cards. This means you’ll be open for business no matter what type of card your customers bring in.

The Square doesn’t charge a monthly fee either. Instead, you are charged a percentage of the sales you earn – 2.75% per swipe, dip, or tap and 3.5% and $0.15 per keyed-in transaction.

Earn Money for Simple Tasks

You can also use your phone to earn money by doing simple tasks by working for an essay writing platform. Companies such as EssayPro give you the option to make the most out of your spare time. Simple tasks and odd jobs can be a great way to earn a little bit of extra cash on the side.

For instance, you can use your phone to earn money doing surveys. Apps like Swagbucks can allow you earn rewards such as gift cards and coupons by taking surveys, watching videos, and even using their toolbar when you surf the web.

You can also pick up odd jobs for some extra cash. Apps such as Lyft or Uber are obvious choices but you have more options than just that. Another unique option is Easy Shift, which allows you to find tasks that pay varying amounts for your work.


You use your smartphone every day. So, why not use it to make a little extra cash or make your work life a little easier? With these ideas and more that you can discover along the way, your smartphone can become more than a convenience and transform into an absolutely valuable tool.