Turbo VPN Review – Best Free VPN for Torrenting

Is there any app that you want to use but what if it could not be available in your country? We all know, at that time the VPN will help you to do so. VPN is a short form of Virtual Private Network that provides security to the private networks. The VPN also lets you use the blocked sites and contents. There are many of the Free VPN app available at the Play Store. And, the Turbo VPN is also one of them. To make you familiar with it, here we are come up with Turbo VPN Review.

But, before we move on, let us discuss some advantages of using the VPN. The VPN allows you to have access to maximum sites and contents from all around the world. It also lets you install the sites that even not available for your country. You will also have access to any websites. It also allows you to use the internet by changing the country. In short, there are many advantages of using the VPN. So, let’s jump to the main point that we are gonna discuss here.

Turbo VPN Review

Turbo VPN is the free VPN app available at the Google Play Store. Although, it has an in-app purchase to have access to some extra features. It comes with high compatibility with all the Android devices. The Turbo VPN app provides you access to the mainly seven servers including India, Singapore, Canada, US, and three more.

To have access to more server across the world, you will have to make the in-app purchase. This app contains ads which may entirely be disturbing for you. As you upgrade the plan, you can have fast speed, and you get no ads at all.

In terms of privacy, they said they do not collect any information of websites that users have visited. They also do not collect the IP addresses even when you access the Turbo VPN. If we look at the performance, you may not get a high result as other VPNs. If you are using a free version of it, then you may get frustrated by seeing the ads. With every activity in the app, you might have ads.

Turbo VPN Review 1

Now, let us have a look at the procedure of connecting with other servers. As you open the app, it welcomes you with an ad. After that, on the main page, at the right top corner, you can see World sign.

That will contain the servers that you can connect with the free version. At the bottom, as you tap on ‘Tap To Connect’ option, it will connect you with the most strong server. If you want to change it, then tap on the World sign. It brings you all available options for you.

Turbo VPN Review 2

After connecting to the server, it also shows you send and received speed. You can disconnect it anytime by just tapping on X sign.

So, if you also have issues with some blocked contents and sites, use the Turbo VPN for its access. Do let us know your view on this guide.