Do you use Google Chrome frequently? If that’s the case, I don’t need to tell them that it’s a really helpful tool. It enables quick and simple web browsing and online life management.

But what if Chrome could be used for even more? Here are some suggestions to help! They’ll increase your output and help you get along better with the browser, which is advantageous in both work and leisure.

  • Manage the tabs
  • Launch a new tab
  • Flip through the tabs
  • new tab open in the background
  • new tab in anonymous mode
  • Create routines to boost productivity.

While a significant factor in productivity, good habits can be challenging to establish. The following advice will help you create your own positive habits so that you can use Google Chrome to be more productive.

Controlling notifications

Checking your settings ought to be your first step. Select Settings from the menu in your browser’s top corner to do this. An option to disable notifications for all websites other than those from which you already receive notifications should be available under Privacy (such as email).

Use Chrome to send yourself emails directly.

Developing the habit of calling yourself emails is not always possible, but when it is, it can be quite beneficial. Two strategies exist for doing this:

Select “Create new draft” or “Clear warning” from the Send to the menu by pressing Shift + Ctrl + M. Only when you are logged in with your Email ID will this option be functional.

Add additions

Although Chrome Os is a fantastic browser, extensions may improve it. Chrome VPN Extension includes programs that give your browser extra features, such as the ability to block adverts or create shortcuts for tasks you frequently do.

Use natural language to search

With the Google Chrome browser, you can find what you’re hunting for more quickly than ever, thanks to its robust built-in search engine.

Launch Google Chrome first, then select the address bar to use the search feature (the part of your browser where you type in web addresses).

Click Refresh on your keypad or select “Search” after entering your search term. All of your choices will be seen in a new tab on Google Chrome.

Simultaneously, visit several websites

The “Search several sites” option allows you to search multiple websites simultaneously.

Click the toolbar and enter your search there to do this. After that, you may seek keywords across many pages at once by selecting “Similar pages” from the drop-down menu or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C.

To discover a video of a veg recipe online, for instance, but are unsure of the page it came from, just type “vegan meals” into this box, and Google will instantly return results from numerous domains.

Put your passwords away

Go out to the Google settings menu and select “Show advanced options” at the bottom to hide your passwords.

Open the Settings app on your device, then choose Browser from the list of apps to recover hidden passwords. Then, under Passwords & forms, click “Sign in to a different account.”

Quickly clear your cache.

  • How to quickly remove your cache
  • Click More in the browser window’s upper-right corner.
  • Then click History. Remove browsing history

There are several features in Google Chrome that might increase your productivity.

Manage your open tabs: It’s simple to lose focus on them if you have many open ones. However, Google Chrome provides a function called “Tab Stacking” that allows you to view all of your open tabs as a single group. You can more easily and rapidly find all you need as a result.


These pointers, we hope, have been beneficial. Please share any more suggestions for enhancing Google Chrome’s productivity in the comments section.

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