The Oppo Reno has become a highly anticipated smartphone set to be released this month. The main reason behind the popularity of the smartphone is that it is an all-new series by Oppo and its specifications are well above any average smartphone today.

Many are expecting the smartphone to ultimately take its place as Oppo’s flagship smartphone in the near future. The community is eagerly waiting for new updates about the smartphone’s technical and design details too. In a recent teaser video released just hours ago, Oppo has revealed the back of the upcoming smartphone with a lot more detail than before.

The smartphone, according to the video, will be featuring a glass back with dual texture finish. A major portion of the glass back will have a matte finish which holds a lot of friction in it while there will be a glossy vertical line in the middle of the smartphone which will hold Oppo’s logo. The decorative combination of textures gives the smartphone a sleek and elegant look in general.

If you have been following Oppe Reno’s progress in a recent month, you will know that the company revealed in March 2019 that the smartphone will come in four different color schemes. These color schemes are Pink Mist, Night Black, Fog Green, and Nebula Purple. It is pretty clear in the video that the smartphone shown in the teaser video posted on Weibo has the Pink Mist color.

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The Oppo Reno series smartphones will also be featuring liquid cooling technology. We can be sure that it won’t be like the traditional liquid cooling solutions in high-end computers but it will probably be built upon the same principle.

Moreover, a 5G variant of the smartphone will also be launched either at the official launch date or a little time after the event. The smartphone will be featured in a number of different variants based on RAM capacity and internal storage, main chipset (or SoC) on the circuit board, and camera features.

The highly-anticipated Oppo Reno is scheduled to be officially launched in a “new product launch” event about to be held on 10 April 2019. The information has been officially revealed by the company through a creative short video published on Weibo. This sounds a bit confusing because if you have been following the company’s updates lately, you will be aware that the company announced 24 April 2019 as the launch date for the Oppo Reno earlier.

We think that this is maybe a two-episode launch where the teaser event will be held on 10 April and the main launch event will be held on 24 April. This could also be that the company is planning to release the smartphone in the Chinese and the European market separately. If that was the case, we expect 10 April 2019 to be the launch date for the Chinese market will the Oppo Reno’s European smartphone market launch date would be 24 April 2019.

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