The Galaxy Note 10 is the next most anticipated flagship smartphone to be released by Samsung this year. Yes, the Galaxy S10 has its own place and the Galaxy Fold is the hot addition to the series, but the Note 10 is the ultimate rendition of Samsung’s efforts for the whole year.

This is why the smartphone is loved by rumor mills and media outlets who are constantly looking out some key detail about the smartphone. Just yesterday, a leaked schematic revealed the rear camera setup of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the community instantly designed and rendered the device’s rear side and posted it around the internet. This time, we have the front side rendered accurately too.

We know that the Galaxy S10 has two cameras in the punch-hole display. This would lead us to believe that the Note 10 will also follow suit. This is not the case. The punch hole in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s display will carry a single selfie camera. This design layout will be seen across both of the variants set to hit the markets this year. Yes, we will be getting two Galaxy Note flagships this year, a Galaxy Note 10 and a Galaxy Note 10 Pro. Keep in mind that both of these versions will be launched with their 5G offsets too. So, technically, we have four Galaxy Note devices coming out this year.

The renders were originally posted by Ice Universe, a popular Twitter leakster who is known to be a reliable source.

The same leakster rejected the designs where two cameras were seen in the punch-hole. Ice Universe confirmed on their thread that this render is the correct rendition of the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Pro.

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The render itself is not created by Ice Universe though. The artistic and technical hand behind these renders is @BenGeskin, another popular Twitter personality. Also, keep in mind that this is not a leaked image and has not been designed and affiliated by Samsung. Instead, it is a render created based on the information that has been leaked about the device up till now.

The vertical arrangement of the camera setup was rumored for quite a while but it was confirmed very recently. We can expect this render to be very close to the official teasers that are about to hit the cybersphere. Things that could be different is the branding at the back and the color scheme. The official wallpaper on the displays of the upcoming teasers could also vary.

The camera setup will include two islands, the bigger one on the left side while the smaller one sits right next to it. The smaller island will contain the LED flash and the ToF camera. We also expect the flood emitter to be placed on the smaller island. However, these are minor details that can vary in the end product. Regardless of that, the smartphone will look very similar to this.

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