Apps have revolutionized the way we access the online world. At the touch of a button (or swipe of a finger) we can access pretty much anything; entertainment, banking, shopping, food, and cleaning services to name but a few. It has never been easier to get instant gratification.

The must-have gaming apps which have recently undergone a makeover 7

No longer having to access websites through a browser, apps are optimized for smartphones, and ensure that text is legible, and pictures are not cropped or impossibly small. They make websites easier to navigate for the consumer and ensure that people can find what they want. Additionally, having an app builds an element of customer loyalty. If someone is looking for something and they have an app for it, they will be more likely to go there rather than shop around as it is simple and easier. Also, many apps will allow individuals to set up their preferred payment type, making it even easier to use.

Apps have also revolutionized how we play games, making it possible to play bellowed board and computer games with friends, without needing to be physically together, in a world where people travel more and move around more, this increased connectivity is great for keeping friendships alive, and allows people to engage with like-minded individuals across the globe, not restricted by their geographical location.

Popular Gaming apps that have had a recent make-over

 888 Poker

888 Poker has recently released a new tournament collection, optimized for mobile devices, and loads of different options for players. The mantra of these revamps really was out with the old and in with the new! The new tournaments will include

The must-have gaming apps which have recently undergone a makeover 8

  • The Big Shot: the main event of the day with the biggest prizes on offer
  • The Classic: a way to play the ‘old skool’ way
  • The Dash: Short, fast paced tournaments
  • The Mayhem: Action packed 6-max tournaments
  • The Rumble: Daily knock-out tournaments
  • The Voyage: Long play events for the more experienced player

As with any launch, there are prizes to be won; for winners, a discount sale in the store, and random drops, so literally anyone has the chance of winning something. Interested? You can play poker at 888poker (there are even free tournaments if you want to test the waters!)

 8 Ball Pool

This free App allows you to recreate a night in the pub playing pool with your mates. By lining this to a Facebook account, players can play one on one against friends, and if that’s not enough, against anyone with the app! If players have iPhones, then they can join a game through an iMessage, making it possible to play with friends who don’t have the app (yet!).

The must-have gaming apps which have recently undergone a makeover 9

The app has recently been upgraded to feature in-game currency that can be exchanged for a spot in one of the exclusive tables for high-ranked players, as well as tournaments and even doubles matches! There is also a Pool Shop where players can buy gear to pimp out their online avatar.

  1. Quiz-Up

A quiz game for all! This app features pretty much every topic; from Harry Potter to gardening, food to famous Roman landmarks, American History to cat breeds. Quiz-up allows players to build up a score in an individual topic and compare their score to others across the app, in their home country or across the globe.

Players can play solo, to build up their points, or against other players; either a random opponent can be found through the app, or players can challenge their friends. With each round lasting just one minute, this is a fast-paced game that tests even the most ardent of fans!

  1. Kahoot

Kahoot is another trivia app, but one with a twist, where players can create their own rounds with either multiple choice answers of true/false questions. The creator can send out a link to their friends so all can participate (up to ten is free, more than ten there is a monthly subscription option), and thus groups can have virtual pub quizzes with those near and far!

In the latest updates to the app, its remit has been expanded, with an option for educators and schools. As technology is including more and more technology, it is a way for teachers to create pop quizzes and tests to help children learn. It has also started moving into the corporate world, offering ways for engaging and interactive presentations that can be delivered in person or remotely, and allows managers to track progress and knowledge gaps.

  1. Houseparty

Houseparty is the flashier more inclusive cousin of Heads Up! The in-person games sees the individual hold their phone up so they cannot see it but the others can and guess the word on the screen based on the information from their friends. If they know it, they tilt the phone up, score a point, and the next word appears, if they don’t, they tilt it down and the next word appears; at the end of the round a score for correct answers is given. It is fun to play and somehow even funnier for those watching.

With Houseparty, this game can be player remotely, with the in-game video platform specifically designed for the game. The initial game is free for a few basic decks, and additional packs can be bought from the app store from US$1. Playing charades has never been so much fun!

Since the early 2010s apps have developed hugely, allowing people to access a whole world through their smartphone. Gaming apps have come a long way, allowing players to play with friends, and even make new friends along the way. They have provided developers with an opportunity to leverage new technology to upgrade their offerings, and consumers are certainly benefitting from this investment!