The news of launching the first ever Android Go device in the US gets confirmed. Within the next week, the Android Go is all set to go on the floor in the US with the Alcatel 1X handset. Despite having some issues with ZTE latest device, Alcatel 1X have their own place to do so. The Alcatel X1 has been introduced by the company as an Android Go earlier in this year in the MWC 2018.

In the US, firstly, it will be available on Amazon. Later on, other online sites like Walmart and Best Buy will also sell the same. Many people have asked to know the price of this first Android Go phone. Regardless the platform where the phone will be available, it is confirmed that it will be yours with $100. The Android Go is a simple version of the Android. It is mainly focussed on the smartphones having a maximum of 1 GB RAM. The Android Go is specifically also called as an Android Oreo. It is specially used to design the new Android devices having low feature.


As we have discussed, you will not find high profile features with the Android Go device. The Alcatel 1X offers a 5.3 inches display with only 960 x 480 pixels resolution and 18:9 aspect ratio. You will have 1 GB RAM memory only. Alongside, the camera resolution also remarkable with 8 MP Back Camera and 5 MP Front Camera. It also features expandable storage up to 16 GB. To ensure the security, you must use the pre-installed lock as it will not have any Fingerprint or Face lock sensor.

The most important thing, it will run on latest Android Oreo OS regardless having some less feature. You might not delight with the specifications, but the Android Go also set the platform for all the fewer size apps. Alcatel 1X features a bunch of Go Apps which introduces Files Go, YouTube Go, and more. What’s the special about all the Go Apps? All of them catching a decidedly lesser size and use relatively fewer data. Also of that, the manufacturer confirms that the device will get an update on a regular basis.

Isn’t the Alcatel brings some excitement for the people living in the US? Yes, it absolutely brings. The latest Android OS version with some fewer size latest apps, lets you have all the fun. It could be the best smartphone for those who have not had their private handset yet.

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