The pandemic and the lockdowns that came to stay soon after have kept us all in the house for far too long, staring at the same four walls and going a little crazy at times. More times than we’d like to admit, no doubt. Everyone has their own COVID story on how we’ve been forced to adapt to the new ways of living and working – some more positive than others.

But it hasn’t been all bad: it gave us the chance to find new hobbies or rediscover old ones; to spend more time with loved ones and to do a whole lot of nothing, which, in moderation, is good for the mind. In terms of work, sadly, many of us became unemployed but for others, lockdowns provided a chance to seek new, more fulfilling roles.

All of this time alone with our thoughts has brought out the inner entrepreneur in many of us. People are finding the drive to combine great ideas with the valuable and currently abundant resource of time, and aiming to turn this into the world’s second-most valuable resource: money.

Plenty of startups that have been established in the last few years are doing more than braving the COVID storm. They’re thriving. Just as Inc speculates, we’re likely to witness the startup sector really blow up this year, with many new exciting products and services to boot. Read on to learn what they are and to see which five companies are dominating their sectors despite the pandemic.

Three Why Some Startups Are Killing It 

The Need For Their Services Never Changed: Some businesses and the products/services they sell exist entirely online. Freelance writers, eCommerce retailers, and online tutors will have seen little to no change in their line of work. In many cases, demand for some services has actually gone up. For example, with all staff working remotely, the need for reliable cybersecurity measures is more important now than ever. 

They Adapted To The Changes: Likely one of the most notable examples is restaurants and food services putting their menu on food delivery apps. Of course, this isn’t exactly an option for everyone, but anyone that has the chance to make a few changes in order to keep revenue coming in should. If you’re able to do so, government grants can provide an opportunity to develop services and product offerings as well as establish or upgrade a company’s online presence.

Assessing The Need For Growth: Unless you run a company that can flourish due to everyone being locked indoors, just being able to keep the lights on or maintain a steady flow of custom is enough. Just because business is running smoothly right now, despite the pandemic, doesn’t mean things will be the same tomorrow. Putting plans for growth on the backburner and using the leftover capital for either strengthening current services or for a rainy day would be a better idea. Many startups that are thriving right now are doing so by staying patient and focusing on their customers.

Five Startups To Keep An Eye On 


Established in 2017, Shift’s mission to improve team cohesion through its in-house tools and digital coaching has already gained a lot of traction. Its provable results, commitment to the power of conversation, and power to help companies institute change have benefited major brands like Aon and CitiBank. 


Honeybee provides an online platform that aligns researchers with people that want to take part in health studies and clinical trials. At only three years old, the company is leading the charge in diversifying the health research industry, so all types of people can contribute to discovery. 


NorthOne was put together to provide banking and lending services that are in tune with the needs of small businesses and freelancers. It was only made available to the public back in 2019, and it continues to grow each day thanks to its hassle-free banking and innovative approach to online banking.

Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 only set up shop in 2018 but has garnered a global reputation for its cutting-edge corporate security solutions. With its stylish and state-of-the-art SASE software, along with a host of other services, companies can take proper control of their network’s safety.


Founded in 2015, Gong is a revenue intelligence company that boasts a 44% increase in win rates on its customers’ sales calls. By analyzing communications, a team of in-house experts will work closely with companies to highlight ways to improve and effectively generate sales.