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How to Use WugFresh Nexus Root Toolkit to Root the Nexus

WugFresh NRT

Till now, Google has launched many of the smartphone devices from the Nexus series. They all are having lots of noticeable features and specs. The performance of the Nexus devices is also good. But, what is about the Rooting of it? The Root process is may be a scary word for some of the people. Because after rooting the device, you are going to lose the warranty of the device. But, even though, some of the people are really loving …

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How to Extract APK File on Non-Rooted Android Smartphone?

How to Extract APK FIle

A downloading of the Android app for all the Android users is too easy to the Google Play Store. Mostly, the Play Store is a place or a market at which you can find all the required apps effortlessly. But, what about the Android app which is not available on the Google Store? So, at that time, you will have to go with the APK file of that app. The APK file is simply a file with .apk extension. Sometimes to …

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How to Fix Process com.android.systemui Has Stopped

UI Stopped and Android

This question is asked by one of our readers that he has tried to factory reset his device, but when he is trying to long press home key to go to task manager to close extra opened apps on a device, he was getting the error Process com.android.systemui has stopped. He has tried everything including formatting device and hard reset three times also, but this problem is still happening; He has asked a mixed solution for this. Here in this article, …

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How to Fix WiFi Wont Turn On – For Any Android Device

WiFi Won't Turn On 2

As we know, by enabling the mobile data connection, we can easily use the internet through the android mobile. Other than this, by using the Wi-Fi feature of the latest mobile device, you can also use the internet. These are the only two ways by which you can use the internet through your android mobile phone. But, most of the users have noticed that sometimes the Wi-Fi feature does not work properly on their device. Mostly, it happened with those users …

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How to Backup Android Phone to Cloud Storage

Backup Android Phone

Think that you have lost your phone or it gets damaged that you are unable to use it anymore. But you still need data on your smartphone. E.g. Your captured photos, contacts, music or any other data stored in your internal memory of your device. I have seen with a couple of peoples facing such issue that they have lost their precious photos in such occurrence. You can easily avoid any such problem by backing up your data. Also backing up …

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Fix Firmware Upgrade Encountered an Issue

firmware upgrade encountered an issue

All the smartphone manufacturers have manufactured their device in such a way that it can get updates automatically. The getting for the firmware from the manufacturer is one of the safest ways to getting updates. Also of that some Samsung users also obtain latest firmware updates from the Odin or Kies. But, whenever the Samsung users are installing the firmware updates using Odin or Kies, they mostly receive an error message. This error message is as “Firmware upgrade encountered an …

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How To Turn Off Mock Locations on Android

Turn Off Mock Locations

We have got few queries from our readers asking us to write about How To Turn Off Mock Locations on Android. Main reason to turn off mock location was just that Pokemon Go games want to turn off mock location. Some users have asked us that they are not able to find mock location options on their smartphone. Don’t worry about it, Here in this article, we are going to discuss how to enable or disable mock locations on your smartphone. To …

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How To Lock Whatsapp using Applock

How To Lock Whatsapp using Applock

There are so many occurrences that you might want to hide your WhatsApp chat from someone but not. You can’t refuse that person to take your smartphone, but you want that person not to access your Whatsapp. Is it possible? Yes, It’s possible, you can set up WhatsApp lock on your Android smartphone. You can quickly setup WhatsApp password using Applock. Here in this article, we will talk about how to set a password for WhatsApp app on Android. How To Lock Whatsapp using Applock Step …

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How to Restore Whatsapp Conversations

How to Save Whatsapp Conversation

We have talked about backup and restore Whatsapp messages from Android smartphones before a few weeks ago. On that post, so many users are asking about how to restore WhatsApp conversations, my conversations on WhatsApp deleted by mistake and what to do, etc. If that guide on How to Restore Whatsapp Conversations was not useful for you, here is an update that works perfectly if you wish to Restore Whatsapp Backup on your Android smartphone. Restoring Whatsapp Messages on Android Manually …

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Best App Hider for Android

Hide It Pro App or AUDIO MANAGER 2

Every Android user has stored some important and secret files or media on their devices. They have stored such kind of files for one or more purposes. Sometimes it is necessary to hide some important files from others. And that’s why nowadays all the devices coming with some features by which you can hide such files using lock screen apps. Those features allow you to hide files or media from the person who is sometimes using your phone. More than …

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