Unfortunately, the #SquareDroid Android App is not available on the Play Store. Instead of it, you can check out Best Android Apps to Post Entire Photo on Instagram.

Recently we have discussed how to publish full sized photos on Instagram. We have also reviewed about setting a full image as wallpaper on your device. In that tutorials, you would not have to crop the image to set it on your device as wallpaper or on Instagram. However, We have found another android app that is a best Instagram client for your android device and also helps you to use Instagram without cropping your full-size pictures. It sounds interesting, right? well, here we would discuss how to publish Full-Size Photos on Instagram using #SquareDroid.

Post Full Pictures on Instagram

When you are not using #squaredriod, it would show the cropping screen on your Instagram Android app. While if you use the #squaredroid app for Android on your device, it will not ask you to crop images and allow you to publish Full-Size Instagram Pics. Other crop tools like Instasize and Photo Squarer often decrease photos quality and make them low-quality pictures even on hi-end devices. But #SquareDroid lets you share a full-size picture to Instagram with high resolution and square size. You also can choose JPG or PNG file formats for your photos with the same image quality without losing its original resolution.

Upload Full Picture on Instagram

Not only you can Full Photo on Instagram but you will be also able to share them on other social media accounts using share button. The app analyzes your photos for Instagram and finds complimentary colors to make borders color match best with your picture. If your do not like complimentary colors feature you can always turn if off and use white color borders, just like Whitagram app does to produce full size photos.

#squaredrod is Best No Crop App for Instagram with interesting features like solid color, gradient and blur backgrounds are available. Free version of #squaredroid is ads enabled version however you can still use it if you don’t mind with ads. Purchasing pro version of #squaredroid, would not show ads. You can easily add hashtag #SquareDroid and #SquareAndroid while at the time of sharing to Instagram to get more likes and followers on Instagram.

#SquareDroid Features:

  • Hastags feature
  • Set full images as wallpaper or post-Full Picture on Instagram App
  • Best No Crop App for Instagram
  • You can pick a photo from Gallery, Google Drive, Dropbox and almost any other app
  • Share created square photo directly to Instagram
  • No need to find What Size Are Instagram Photos