Best Spy Apps for Android Smartphones & Tablets

There is so many smartphone or tablet users want to use spying apps,that help them to spy on others using simple app.There are also so many apps available to download from Google Play Store and also from other sources. To make your device stunning, there are also some apps like Meme Generator app, Weather app, Alarm app, Photography apps etc. For that, here we are also coming with some best spying apps. The apps are called as Spy Apps for Android based smartphone.

Best Spy Apps for Android Devices

If you want to spy one someone, then you might find this app useful. Here, we are also discussing the Best Spy Apps for Android devices. In which, we are going to list some free spy apps. So, now take a look on it and use the suitable spy app for your device.

1.) Cell Tracker App :

The Cell Tracker App is one of the best spy apps for android to track the location which has been visited by you. There is no need of GPS, to track the location. This app is completely compatible with all smartphones and tablet devices. By using this app, you can easily track the location of your smartphone device. You can also track the locations that have been visited by you within last few days. You can also see the list of the locations, by just tapping on the “View Now” option.Cell Tracker App

This app will give you the information about the location in every half and hour duration. But for that, the GPRS or Wi-Fi must be turned on in your device.

To get information about the location of your device, then make sure that the option of “Location” is enabled or not. If not, then turn on the option of “Location” by going into the “Settings”. When the app is installed first time on your device, then it may take some time to get information about the location.

Features of the Cell Tracker App :

  • No GPS required tracking the location
  • Easily track the location visited by you
  • Get info about location in every half and hour
  • By view now option, get list of all the location

App Name

2.) Ear Spy App :

The ear spy is one of the best spy app for android for spying the sounds around you. This app is like ultimate eavesdropping tool, for all the eavesdrop. But, to use this spy app, you have to use headphones or Bluetooth headset. To use this app, first of all, download and install it on the device.Ear Spy App

Then, just click the center button and the spying is started. The equalizer is also provided by the app, to amplify the sound conditions of your surroundings. By using this app, you can monitor that what is going on around you. It is the app which gives you a super hearing. By using this app and some quality Bluetooth headsets, you can also eavesdrop from the next room. It is the best app to make curious spying process.

Features of the Ear Spy App :

  • Working like Ultimate Eavesdropping tool
  • Click on the center button to make spying of surroundings
  • Built-in Equalizer to enhance the level of sound of surroundings
  • Provide Super Hearing of sound
  • Make Eavesdrop from the next room

App Name
Overpass Apps : Super-Human Apps and Games

3.) Sneaky Cam App :

The Sneaky Cam app is an app which allows you to take pictures discreetly without knowing anybody. It is designed with good user interface. It is easily compatible with all the devices. The app shows you a screen chosen by you from the Preferences menu of the app. To capture the picture by using this app, open the app and just tap on the screen.Spy Messages app

The picture has been taken by this app is saved in the app’s folder. If you want to access to the photos taken by this Sneaky App, open the gallery for it. There is no any kind of sound take place while a picture is taking by this app. When the picture is taken, you will see the notification as “Picture Taken!”.

By this app, You can take pictures of somebody by making them foolish as you are playing a game or using the internet. You can also use the transparency for the device, by using this app.

Features of the Sneaky Cam App :

  • Compatible with all the devices
  • Preferences menu to choose favorite screen
  • Pictures are saved to the app’s Folder
  • Easy access from the Gallery
  • Transparency can be used easily

App Name
Ankit kumar

4.) Spy Messages App :

This is the app, by which you can send secret messages to someone. The app is known as Spy Messages app. This spy app will allow you to keep control on all the messages in your inbox. You can also exchange the secret messages through this app.Spy Messages App

By using this app, the message you don’t want to keep will automatically get deleted. You can also set up the time for deleted the messages. It comes with easy user interface, which makes its use too easy. The Spy Messages app is easily compatible with all the smartphone as well as tablet devices.

Features of the Spy Messages App :

  • Easy sending process to send Secret message to someone
  • Automatically deleting process for those messages that you don’t want to keep
  • Easy UI and compatible with all the devices
  • Manual time setting to delete the message
  • Easy exchange the secret messages

App Name
Lithos Co., Ltd

5.) Secret Agent App :

Secret Agent App
spy apps for android

This is the phone spy apps, which is easily compatible with all the android powered smartphone devices. It is a suitable spy app for those who really want to become a spy.

This spy phone app consists of many features and tools such as a flashlight, spectrum analyzer, camera filters, device information, compass, secret audio recording, satellite tools, sensor data and a Wi-Fi scanner. By using the tool device information, you can get info about the device like memory, GPU etc.

You can also use some sensor like magnetometer, acceleration, temperature, air pressure, dew point by using Sensor data. The secret sound recording will help you to record the sound around of you without any kind of notice.

Features of the Secret Agent App :

  • Consists of many tools like spectrum analyzer, camera filters, device information, compass, secret audio recording etc
  • Device Information can provide all the info about the device
  • Compass can provide proper direction
  • Sensor data provides all the sensors
  • All the features are coming in only one secret agent app

App Name

Here, we have completed the discussion of Best Spy Apps for Android device. In which, we have listed 5 best spy apps for android-powered devices. We hope that you can easily choose your one of the best Spy apps from the list.

Last Updated On: June 24, 2016

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