After using a brand new smartphone for sometime consistently, its performance and speed go slower. This might be the issue of all the smartphone users. So, what should be the fix to solve it? Behind this issue, mainly the background apps are most responsible.Super Toolbox - Speed up Your Android Device

Here, you need to have the best task killer tool that does not let background apps to work. There are lots of android apps are available in the android markets that lets you do so. In which, Super Toolbox is one of the best apps to help you with improving device performance.

Super Toolbox – Speed up Your Android Device

Super ToolBox App is readily available at the Google Store for all the Android users. It is highly compatible with mostly all the smartphones and tablets running on Android OS. You can freely download this app. This app is mainly designed to clean up the junk files on the device. It can also be functioned as Booster, Cleaner, and Power Saver to make your smartphone faster and cleaner.Super Toolbox - Speed up Your Android Device

To increase the speed of the mobile, you are just one step away with the Super Toolbox app. This app comes with a noticeable UI which describes the Percentage of RAM used by the device. Also, you can check how much of RAM memory is free on the phone.

Here, to boost up the speed, tap on One-Tap Boost option and it will start to scan the app which causes difficulty. It also cools down the device CPU by scanning its current status. You can also have Junk Cleaner to clean up all the junk and trash files from the system.Super Toolbox - Speed up Your Android deviceThis app also lets you Detect your Wi-Fi network status to enhance its security. It can easily detect risky Wi-Fi connection that might use your personal info. Besides it, this speed booster app can also raise the Wi-Fi Network speed.

The WiFi Boost option will automatically prevent the apps which are using the network secretly and will boost the real speed. There is also a facility of Power Saver which provides three modes to do so like Super Saving Mode, Normal Mode, and Custom Mode. More of that, you can add your mode for more personalization and battery saving.

Super Task Killer FREE Features:

  • To Make the Android Device Faster and Cleaner.
  • Speed up the Android device by increasing Free Memory.
  • High compatibility with all the Android devices.
  • One-Tap Boost to boost the performance and speed.
  • Junk Cleaner to free up space and clean up the junks.
  • CPU Cooler to cool up the device.
  • Wi-Fi Detection and Wi-Fi Booster.
  • Power Saver Mode with Super Saving Mode, Normal Mode, and Custom Mode.
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