Snapchat is popular photo and video sharing service which allow users to send photos and videos with each others. There are so many messengers available in play store like FB messenger, Whatsapp and many more to share images and videos with others, but interesting thing about snapchat is that snapchat allow user to send ephemeral messages. That means that snapchat messages will automatically gets expired after a certain period of time. This unique feature in snapchat made it popular among the smartphone users.

Most of the peoples who uses smartphone do care about their privacy, so using this app to send private messages in a belief that their private snapped photos or videos will be automatically gets destroyed after certain period of time.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss about android App that saves snapchats photos to your device easily. So even after it gets destroyed, you will be able to check it from your smartphones. But the thing is that, snapchat app will always notify the sender,  if the receiver try to save or screenshots their snaps. We have also found solution to them. You can now easily save snapchat images without notifying sender of that picture or image.

How to Save Snapchat Conversations
How to Save Snapchat Conversations
  • The simple and easy way to save snaps is to take picture of received snap with your digital camera or other smartphone.
  • Using third party apps like Snap Save, SaveSnap, SnapBox and other apps that we will discuss below.
  •  You can use file manager app like iFunBox, that allow you to open or browse your files from your device when you connect it to your computer. You can browse it and find some temporary snaps on your device, simply download them. Make sure you are not opening your snaps in your apps, you need to follow this method before you open them.
  • Most of the time, some data recovery apps will help you to recover your deleted snaps because afterall it gets saved on your device locally.
  • Try taking screenshot of your current screen using power button+ volume down button.

Best App for Saving Snapchats

First of all you have to download some third party apps from play store as well as from below resource that allows you to save snaps easily. Below are few of the Best Snapchat Saver App that help you to download snaps effectively.

Snapsafe App for android

  • Download and install “SnapSafe” android application from Google Play store
Snapsafe App for android
How to Save A Snap
  • Now open the application and login your account details on SnapSafe (Note : If you forget your Login details, Go to home screen and open original snapchat app then go to “Setting” menu on snapchat and request for new password. Most of Third party apps doesn’t comes with any password reset feature)
  • After login your account details use this app like original Snapchat app (Note : In this app you will not get the all feature like snapstories etc. If you want to save picture on snapchat, you don’t need to open any picture on original snapchat app because if you opened any picture on original snapchat app then you can not access them on snapsafe app)
  • Now in the snapsafe app, you can save snaps by taking screenshots (Note : First of all go to your snaps in SnapSafe app and open them by clicking on the snaps. Now you have to do a screenshot of snaps, once they are opened. You need not to worry about sender to get notified. It would not notify sender that you have captured screenshot of snap.)
  • You can also download snap picture by clicking on download button.

Casper For AndroidSave Snapchat on Android

If you are smartphone user and want to save your snap on device, you can try your hands on Casper app that allow you to save your all of snapchats for your future fun. There are so many ways you can save snapchats but this is something different. You can save snapchat and prevent the sender from knowing that you have saved their sent photos or videos.

Interesting feature of this app is that, you can set this app to auto save your snaps to your device without any effort. All your saved snaps will be added to savemysnaps folder of your device. This is third party app, so you will not be able to find it on Goole Play store and also you need to enable your device to install app from unknown source.

Snapchat Saver

Snapchat Saver is the most popular android app for easily snap saving. With this app you can save all the snaps and stories from original snapchat This application comes with “Select & Save” feature that allows you to save unopened picture and videos. This application allows you to save picture or videos on your smartphone’s gallery.


Snapspy is the snapchat’s third party alternative application that also allows you to save picture or videos and snap stories on your android smartphone. This app also save pictures and videos from original snapchat application. If you are looking for Can You Save Snapchat Pictures, the answer is yes, but you will need to use external apps such apps you might not find in Google Play Store.


SnapBox is the android application that comes with built in auto saving snap picture on your phone. This application allows you to save picture and stories from snapchat.

It is always recommended that you are installing apps from Google Play Store only, apps installation from other source might harm your smartphone’s privacy or you might see unwanted apps installation on your device because of malware or virus. But if you are looking for some App That Saves Snapchat Pictures, you can use this one or other recommended here in this post.


Keepsnap is another app that shows list of received and sent snaps that can be saved to smartphone. For that, you will need to login with your snapchat username and password and authorize keepsnap to access your account. There is banner ads in this app, so be prepared for that.

By the way, which is your favorite way to save and screenshot a Snapchat without sending a notification to sender? If so, do let us know by commenting in the comment section below.


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