Are you planning to buy a new smart watch recently? Well, that is a very good idea, but are you aware of the features? Do you know what to look for in a good smartwatch to ensure that you are investing your money on the right device? Well if not then you do not need to worry. This article will perfectly guide you for buying the right smartwatch for you. Big names such as Samsung, Apple as well as traditional companies such as fossil and Tag Heuer are predominantly associated with the smart watch. The features of smartwatches may vary, but on a global front these watches highly save your time and make your life easy.

Smartwatch Buying Guide

Things to look for in smartwatch

Now buying the right smartwatch often becomes a difficult task. So if you are in a rush to buy the best smartwatch, then you must know some tips first. Some of the tips to buy the right smartwatch are discussed below. You can give a quick look at it if you are in a hurry.

  • You should not buy the smartwatch which does not work with your smartphone.
  • If you are a fitness buff, then you can pick up watch with a heart sensor. Very few watches have the GPS for tracking runs.
  • You must pay attention to rated battery life while shopping for a smartwatch. Smartwatches which come with e-paper displays, like pebble tend to last longer.
  • Try to choose a smartwatch that continues to show the time even when not in use.
  • You must pay attention to the buckle of the watch whether it is easy to use or not.
  • You must also pay attention to the selection of apps. Looking for compatibility, design and other feature is important.

Here are some of the other details that you must look for in a smartwatch while buying.

OS and Device Compatibility

Device compatibility is one of the most important factors that you must look for in a Smartwatch. For example, the Pebble or Pebble Steel works perfectly with Android and iOS device. The same features are available for the Alcatel One Touch and Marine watches. You can also go for the Samsung’s Tizen-powered Gear S2. This device works with multiple Android handsets. Android Wear watches available for Samsung,  LG to others work with Android 4.3. Some Android wears watches works with I phone, but many features such as connectivity with wi-fi are not available when connected to iOS. The main thing is that you must not choose the Smartwatch which does not work with your Smartphone.


Consideration of the quality of the display of the smartwatch is another factor that you must check before buying. Whether the display is E-Ink or LCD that is very important to consider.

Smartwatch Display

Most smartwatches some with bright LCD such as Pebble’s lineup offer E-ink and E-paper display. The E-paper screens that are monochrome in color are easier to read and come with a large battery life. Apart from this, the Apple smartwatch and the Asus Zenwatch 2 come with much clearer display that gives you a richer color and amazing experience. LCD screens happen to be much brighter.

The bottom-line is that you must look for a smartwatch that continues to show the time even when not in use. Some of them as much brighter displays that eventually let the watch go asleep. So make sure you are choosing the right watch.


Consideration of the interface is another factor that you must remember while shopping for the best smartwatch. The consideration of the interface includes whether the smartwatch comes with touch screen facility or button usage facility. It is undoubtedly true that touch screen smartphones are much in use now. You can easily navigate with the help of touch screen system. In this context, the Pebbles happens to give a good space for scrolling with physical buttons. Smartwatches which have physical buttons happens to be much affordable.

On the other hand, smaller touch display makes the process difficult and burdensome. With Apple Watch you can enjoy a combo facility. It offers a touch display as well as a digital crown on the right-hand side. You can use the top to zoom quickly or scroll efficiently. The Gear S2 comes with the navigation with a bezel for the watch that you scroll through menus.

Smartwatch Interface
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The root factor is that you can go for touch screen display if you want quick and savvy process. However, if you want to go for the affordable option then you surely go for smartwatches with physical buttons.

Design and personalization

Consideration of the design and personalization is another important factor that you must check in the smartwatch that you are choosing. Better smartwatches will always come with better straps. If you want to choose comfort, then you must consider the design of the watch.

Smartwatch Designs

The Huawei Watch, for instance, offers a standard eighteen mm band that can be swapped out for any other traditional watch strap. The new smartwatches now come with customization option. You can combine all the favorite features into one watch if you want. You can choose your favorite straps, color and other features for your smartwatch.

Notification and Alerts

If you want to pick the perfect smartwatch, then try to consider the notification and alert systems. The real smartwatch will always give you the alert of incoming calls, texts, and emails with a quick buzz on your wrist. Along with these essential features, you must also look for the social networking integration like Facebook or Twitter on your watch. Make sure that your watch gives you instant notification of any present ping or calls. Some smart watches offer more customized features.

For example, the Samsung Gear S2 gives you the chance to decide which notification to come through with the help of Gear Manager App on your phone. On the other hand, Apple Watch offers you to set VIP contacts and prioritize the calls. So choose the smartwatch judiciously.


Make sure that your smartwatch has all the apps. The new smartwatches offer hundreds of apps. Pebble smartwatch has more than eight thousands apps. Make sure that your smartwatch has all the essential apps like PayPal, Instagram, weather channel and lots of others.

Special features

Smartwatches come with various special and additional features. The smartwatch makers have integrated different activity monitoring functions. Smartwatch such as Microsoft Band 2 offers features such as heart rate monitor, integrated GPS. On the other hand, the Huawei smartwatches come with features such as mic and speaker. Therefore if you want to choose a smartwatch with additional feature then make sure you choose right.

Battery life

The other thing that you must consider while choosing your smart watch is the battery life. Make sure that your smartwatch gives a long battery life.


The most important thing to consider is the price. You should choose the smartwatch which will suite your budget. You can visit to find the perfect smartwatch within your budget. Here you will get the list of best watches at a smart price. So visit this destination for your perfect choice. The options over here will always satisfy you.