How to Use Your Android Device As Webcam

Webcam are mostly used when we wants to make video conference between our loved one,leaving abroad.We can make free video calling by using webcam online, but what if we don’t have webcam and still wants to make video calling from computer over internet?? Well, there are lots of android apps that makes it possible.

SmartCam turns your Android phone into a handy webcam

SmartCam turns your Android phone into a handy webcam ready to use with your PC. SmartCam is more than a webcam, it’s a wireless webcam,so you can use it both on either WiFi or Bluetooth.You will need to download SmartCam desktop client from Sourceforge. Both Windows and Linux versions of the PC application are available.

How to Configure SmartCam for Desktop & on Android:

SmartCam android desktop client

Both desktop client and android client are light weight can be downloaded in a minute.After installing SmartCam android app, open it and go to setting option.Choose the connection type, with which you want to connect it your PC.

How to Configure Smartcam android app with WiFi connection:

  1. In TCP/IP (WiFi) as your Connection type, and enter the local IP address of your computer under Remote server.
  2. Turn on your android’s Wi-Fi connection, and connect your phone to the same network that your computer is on.
  3. Chose the option connect with WiFi from your android device Smartcam app.
  4. Now your device has been connected and it will start working smoothly.

How to Configure Smartcam android app with Bluetooth connection:

  1. Go to setting menu in your smartcam android app.
  2. Choose the connection type as Bluetooth and search for the Bluetooth device.
  3. Make sure your computer’s Bluetooth device is discoverable, connect your android device with your desktop’s Bluetooth once it discover it.

SmartCam Features:

  • Android app is available for free and desktop client as well.
  • You can use your android device as webcam even if you don’t have branded one.
  • You can also use your device as CCTV camera, Spy bots and many other security purpose.
  • Works on both Bluetooth and WiFi connection.
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You can download Smartcam Desktop Client and Android Client from the links.

We have tried both the method to connect android with PC and it works for us. If you don’t understand any steps or if it is not working for you, please tell us by commenting in the comment section below, we will help you to get your device connected with your computer.

Last Updated On: December 24, 2014

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  1. thank you for your method its working but now how do i use it to video chat with my friend through facebook . please give me appropriate steps

  2. Subhadeep Sarkar

    i can see video on smart cam client ,in the chat webpage ive selected smart cam also.bu its not viewing the video there.please help me sir.

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