Till now, Samsung has launched many of smartphone devices along with amazing features and specs. In which, the Galaxy S5, S6, S6 Edge, S7, Note 3 and many more Samsung smartphones. Some users are also well known about the inside features of the Samsung smartphone. While some do not have any idea regarding this daydream option. So, for those, here we are coming with an interesting topic. This topic is very useful for the users of Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. Here we are for how to Setup Daydream in Samsung Galaxy S5.

Setup Daydream in Samsung Galaxy S5 Android

What is DayDream in Samsung & How to Setup Daydream

The Daydream is also one of the useful features of Samsung S5 device. By using it, you can make the screensaver of your images while your phone is in charge. This feature is also useful when your phone is connected to the desktop dock. It is also one way, by which you can make your device more attractive. But, for that, you have to make some changes in this features. To do so, here we will mention a procedure.

Here, we are going to describe the method on Galaxy S5 which runs on 5.0.1 Lollipop Android version. For the Android version of more than 5.0.1, the process of setting daydream may be same. So, now take a look at the procedure and keep setting the Daydream. Check more about What is Daydream and some phones that support daydream.

How to Setup Daydream in Samsung Galaxy S5

Configuring daydream option in Samsung Galaxy smartphone is almost similar to all device. If your device has daydream option, you can follow this easy process to setup daydream on your Samsung Galaxy phones.

  • Go to the Settings of your Galaxy S5 smartphone mobile by launching the menu. You can also go there with an another so easy step. For that, unlock your smartphone. Then, open the notification panel by scrolling down the display using two fingers from the top. Now, at the upper-right corner of the panel, you should see a sign of a Gear. This sign is as same as the sign of Settings which is opening by you from the menu. Now, tap on that sign to open the Settings.
  • Here, go to the Display option under the tag of My Device.
  • Now, find an option of Daydream by scrolling down the screen slowly. Now, tap on that option. In the next display, to activate the Daydream option, tap on the slider which is at the top right corner. If it converts its colour white to green, means that is enabled on the device.


  • With the activation of this Daydream option, on the same display, more options will take place there. These options are as Colors, Photo Frame, and Photo Table.
  • In which, choose the color option to see the screensaver as the color change effect. If you want to set the screensaver as a slideshow of the images, then select Photo Frame option. This option also allows you to set the selected photos in a slideshow.


  • Also of that, the third option also stands there. The third option is Photo Table. By using this option, you can set the screensaver as a scattered effect of your images. So, these are the different options by which you can make this feature and your device more attractive.
  • After setting up as discussed above, this feature allows you to take a preview of that. Even, you can take a preview of your settings even after each setting. To do so in Galaxy S5 device, tap on the left side button to the home button. It shows you two option, Preview, and Select when to Daydream. By choosing the first option of a preview, you can take a preview of your each setting.
  • The second option is also useful for you. As option suggests, you can select that when you want to use this screensaver.

Setup Daydream

  • This option gives you another three option to choose. Those options are While Docked, while Charging, and Both (While Docked and Charging). As per your wish, you can select any option.

By following above procedure correctly, you can easily setup Daydream on Samsung Galaxy S5. This is also one of the good options to make your Galaxy S5 phone more elegant.

If you are a user of other Android device and if you want to use this feature, then? Then, do not worry about it. Because all the smartphones running on 5.0 or more than it, will have a same process for the Daydream. 

We hope you find this discussion helpful. Please share your comments below on how do you use this feature on your smartphone?

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