Samsung would not like to be spotted at second, third or somewhere else place when it comes to introduces new features. That’s why Samsung has always does something great to grab the title “First in the World.” If the Samsung goes with the same flow, then the days will not be far when we might see Foldable Smartphone. And, the Samsung had already stated in the previous year that they are working on the Foldable device. This Samsung Foldable device will be launched next year assumedly.

Samsung will introduce Samsung Foldable Device with near $2000 cost

For your kind info, the Samsung was the first to launch the first edge-to-edge display smartphone. Then, other makers had started working on so followed by the Samsung. So, Samsung is one of the makers who always try to deliver something amazing. Now, ready for another something new with the Foldable device. The price will also something around of $2000.

We have already witnessed the Dual Screen device with ZTE Axon M. But, the concept of Foldable is a brand new. This Samsung Foldable device features dual inside panel and one outside panel including 7.3 inches screen. Regarding the remaining features, no word has spoken. But, the report also says that it will also have a high-resolution display as far as the high-performance is concerned.

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