A couple of weeks ago, Samsung Note 7 investigation was done reported androidauthority. Samsung was about to reveal all information to the public in January for Galaxy Note 7 explosion. Now Samsung has confirmed that they will be announcing it’s investigation results on 23rd Jan 2017.

Note 7

According to Reuters, Samsung has conducted an investigation into a fire in Note 7 device because of its battery. Also, a report states that Samsung has tested the similar issue and they have figured out the battery was the main reason behind exploding of Note 7. No hardware or software was to blame for the problem.

For safety concern, Samsung has planned to discontinue Note 7 in October month of last year and recalled a number of Note 7 devices from their customers who bought them.It is crucial for Samsung to find out the exact cause the device to explode so that they can prevent in future.

A report from Reuters claiming that battery was the probable reason behind Note 7 Explosion. Let’s wait till the official announcement from Samsung to find out if this is true or not.

Via Reuters, The Korea Herald

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