After the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery issue, Samsung has recalled its new Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in 10 countries. Samsung is going to tell us on Sunday night, What a handful of investigations determined was the cause of the Galaxy Note 7 recall in 10 countries.

About Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery problem, the Wall Street Journal is reporting; Samsung found two main issue with their batteries that used after three quality control and Supply Chain analysis. During the week, Reports began circulating on the social platform like Facebook, Youtube, that the phone was catching fire when charger plugged in.

The Only two companies that supply batteries for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. affiliate Samsung SDI and Hong Kong-based Amperex Technology Ltd. But the company found that the first round of  Samsung SDI’s batteries catching fire when charger plugged in. The main issue of the Samsung SDI’s batteries was an irregular battery size that didn’t fit properly in the Note 7 smartphone.

The Conclusion for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone

  1. Irregular battery size of Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  2. Some batteries have manufacture faults

According to the WSJ. Initially, the battery used for the Galaxy Note 7 included those from Samsung SDI affiliate and Hong Kong-based Amperex Technology Ltd. The main issue and problem come from their battery manufacturer, Samsung SDI. The irregular size of the batteries caused the overheating of Note 7 smartphone. However, the Samsung killed their own battery maker and switched to Chinese battery manufacturer after the initial recall of Note 7.

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