Samsung unveiled the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e in February this year. The S5e is the latest Samsung tablet to hit the market if we don’t count the Galaxy View 2 in the list. The new tablet is a great and powerful tablet and houses the largest Super AMOLED display that you can find in the market right now. The 10.5-inch tablet costs EUR 400 and offers a great price-to-value ratio. It features a slim and sleek body design and comes with a lot of cool and helpful functionality. An update in GeekBench’s listings now shows the CPU scores of another flagship tablet by Samsung. Could we be looking about the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S5?

Samsung Tab S5 e
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Let’s keep in mind that the S5e is not a flagship device, instead, it’s a variant of the upcoming flagship. We can surely pass it as a flagship model but it wouldn’t fit to what we expect from Samsung nowadays. Especially since Apple – Samsung’s main rival in the market – is manufacturing much more powerful beasts than the latest Samsung tablet. All of these circumstances hinted that Samsung might go for the latest Snapdragon 855 processors inside their next flagship tablet. That is exactly what seems to have happened.

The mysterious tablets seen on GeekBench are both powered by the SD 855 chipset. For those who don’t know, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 is among the most powerful and efficient SoCs (System on a Chip) in the smartphone industry with only a few rivals. The same chipset is currently being featured in all of the top flagships of 2019. A Samsung tablet featuring the SD 855 would be extremely powerful and that Super AMOLED will only make things better.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5 on The Horizon

Many in the industry believe that the two tablets are either prototypes of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5 or simply are two variants of the Tab S5 series which may have a difference in internal storage, RAM, cellular capability and other such specifications. No details except the chipset have been revealed by the listing. However, we do know that the tablets have almost 6 GB of RAM and its running Android Pie 9.0. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5 e also features 6 GB of RAM and Android Pie, so, nothing new there.

However, the presence of a more powerful chip and a thinner design would make all the difference in the world. The Tab S4 was much chunkier than we would appreciate and it is about time an ultra-thin tablet came out. We surely won’t have to wait any longer to find out. The South Korean tech giant revealed the Tab S4 in August last year. If Samsung is going to follow the same timeline, then we know that the S5 launch is coming soon.

For those who would love to know the product numbers of the two new listings, they are SM-T865 and SM-T860. The naming shows that they are different trims of the same baseline model.

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