How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Drain Problem

The Samsung is most trusted smartphone manufacturer company for most of the people. The Samsung has launched many smartphone devices with great specs and features. The Galaxy S3 smartphone is one of the best devices of Samsung. The Galaxy S3 comes with good design as well as the good processor. But, after the frequent use of any smartphone device, there is some problem occurs in the battery. You might also face some issue with Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery drain.

If once the battery problem occurs with the Galaxy S3 or any device, the performance of the device obviously goes down. Also, the more power is consumed by the battery while using apps. Sometimes it also happens that battery is going to be empty within a few time after fully charging. So, to get efficient use of the smartphone device, then the solution is a must needed about this problem.

So, here we are coming with the solution to get rid of the draining problem of Samsung Galaxy S3 battery. As a solution, we are recommand to do with wipe cache partition. The Wipe Cache Partition is a solution, that you must perform on your Samsung Galaxy S3 device.

If once you perform this solution on your Galaxy S3, it also removes temporary system files. But, do not worry about your personal data like images, videos, music files etc. Because the process of Wipe Cache Partition will not be able to delete the personal data. The Wipe cache partition method is so easy as well as safe method, to perform. It will also help you to resolve the problem of Samsung Galaxy S3 battery drain.

But, here one question is arise that how to perform Wipe cache partition process. So, now here we are going to be discussed the solution that how is to be performed. The most important thing is that you can perform this resolving process by using your Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone device. So, now just take a look at the solution and enjoy the Galaxy S3 device without problem of battery drain.

Fix Galaxy S3 Battery Drain Problem Using Wipe Cache Partition

For simplicity of Galaxy S3 users, here we are discussing the solution in terms of step-to-step instruction.

  • First of all, you have to power off the Samsung galaxy S3 device. To do so, press and hold the power button and then choose an option of Power “off”.
  • Now, to turn the device once again, you have to press and hold the Power key +Volume up key + Home button simultaneously.
  • When the Galaxy S3 device vibrates once, then release the power key. But, you do not have to release that two other keys, until the menu appears on the display of the device.
  • Now, choose an option of “Wipe Cache Partition” from the menu, by using volume down key.

galaxy s3 battery drain

  • The process of Wipe cache partition will start after pressing the power key.

This process will take a little bit. Then a menu appears on the display, which was previously displayed. Now, here choose an option of “Reboot System Now” by pressing the power key. After completing the process, your device will reboot. You can also check out a video posted by lindsaylar1 about how to wipe cache partition on Galaxy S3 from below.

After applying above process properly, the Samsung Galaxy S3 battery drain problem should be reduced. Even after this process, the problem is not solved, the best solution is that buy a new suitable battery for your Samsung Galaxy S3. 

Now try using your device as before, if you still facing battery issue with your device. You will need to consider to replace your battery. One of the recommended one is provided below.

Last Updated On: July 9, 2016

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