Are you planning to buy or already bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Series Phone? Here is an ultimate guide explaining everything from cool features to specs. So, read this guide to know all the features and specs so that you can make a better buying decision if you haven’t bought it yet.

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Every year Samsung comes up with a new entry in its Galaxy series with some of the unique and amazing features to their users. This year also, Samsung has launched Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 plus devices. These are the first Samsung phones without headphone jacks, and Samsung has added some unique features to these devices to beat the competition.

So, in this article, we are going to explain all the aspects of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus series along with the specs and unique features of both these phones.
So, let’s not get into the jargon, and start with the motive of this post.

Everything About Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Series

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Series

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Samsung Note 10 Series Comes With Better Hardware Configuration

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ come with Android 9 Pie and are powered by Snapdragon 855 chipset paired with the fastest UFS 3.0 storage system. Moreover, the Note 10 comes with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage; on the other hand, the Note 10+ comes with 12GB RAM and 512 GB of storage.

The screen size of Note 10 is smaller than Note 10+, but it’s still gigantic with a screen of 6.3 inches and a 1080p OLED panel. The Note 10+ has a 6.8-inch display along with a 1440p  OLED board. Also, the phone has the same ultrasonic fingerprint sensor as the Galaxy S10.

The phone also comes with three cameras at the back; one is 12MP which is a primary sensor with an adjustable aperture, the other one is of 12MP telephoto sensor, and the last one is of 16 MP ultra-wide-angle shooter.

There is also another sensor which is called the time of flight sensor (TOF) who measures the distant objects, but Samsung uses this sensor for camera AR effects and rudimentary 3D scanning.

Galaxy Note 10 Specifications:

Display: The display comes up with a 6.3-inch of screen and a 2280*1080FHD+ display with dynamic AMOLED.
Battery: The battery backup is 3500 mAh.
RAM: 8GB (LTE) and 12 GB 5G.
Storage: 256 GB.
Main camera: triple-lens camera (16MP+ 12MP+ 12MP)

Galaxy Note 10+ Specifications:

Display: Screen size 6.8 inch along with 3040*1440 Quad HD+ with dynamic AMOLED.
Battery: 4300, mAh.
Storage: 256GB or 512GB
Main camera: Quad camera which includes 16MP ultra-wide + 12MP wide-angle + 12MP telephoto depth vision lens.
Front-facing camera: 12MP selfie camera

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Series Cool Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Smartphones

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The Note 10 comes with Android 9 Pie with Samsung’s customary UI on top. The software is the same as Galaxy S10 but with some of the new features and a few additions on the S pen.

The TOF feature gives you a real-life experience, which is called AR doodle. This feature allows you to draw an object in the real world via the camera viewfinder. You will also be able to edit your videos with a new Samsung editing app.

Here are a few more details about some unique features of the Galaxy Note 10 Series:

1. S Pen Functionality

S pen is not the only cool feature that Galaxy Note 10 series phones have, but it is packed with some exciting features such as the ability to create augmented reality doodles on videos.

Here are some of the significant features of Note 10:

  • you can easily record your screen.
  • You can easily translate the entire highlighted sentences and convert foreign currencies.
  • You can give gesture-based commands for all apps and cameras.
  • Screen magnification is also a useful feature.
  • You can draw anything on the videos along with living messages.
  • You can also convert your documents into Word or other useful file formats by using your S pen writing to digital text.

2. Camera & Editing Features

The Note 10 series comes up with triple camera lenses that give you some handy video editing functions, an especially good one for creators. Also, both phones include zoom-in mic functionality, and amplifying sound sources with AL while recording videos. If you zoom in to record the video better, the camera will automatically enhance the sound coming from the subject while reducing all the background noises.

Moreover, through S pen gesture controls, you can easily zoom in and out of your pictures, switch cameras, and other customizable gestures. One excellent feature of Note 10+ is the depth vision camera lens, which allows you to do 3D scans.

3. Super-Fast Charging

Samsung has enhanced its battery backup mode in Note 10 devices. Both phones have featured wired super-fast charging along with wireless charging. It also supports wireless power-sharing, which allows you to charge compatible devices, by placing them on the back of your phone.

With Galaxy Note 10 series, Samsung supports super-fast charging up to 45W. This means that you can charge your phone up to 30 minutes a day and you can use it for the whole day. Overall, this is something that has attracted most smartphone users to Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Series smartphones.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Series Brings More Colour

Samsung introduced a variety of colors for its users in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series. This time Samsung introduced some traditional colours that attract customers. The standard colors include aura glow, aura white, and aura black.

Well, no matter which color you choose, both smartphones look amazing in all the available color variants.


So, that’s all with this post. Now it’s all up to you whether the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+ is for you or not. It will be an excellent investment for you if you decide whether these phones have all the features you are looking for or not. Otherwise, you can go for another smartphone. The market is flooded with a wide range of good Smartphones.

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